‘Traditional Prom That Would Ban Gay Students at Indiana High School Prompts Backlash

anti-gay prom
Indiana is not among the 23 states that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

Students at Sullivan High School in Sullivan, Indiana, are looking forward to their prom later this spring. Or at least most of them were. It’s not supposed to happen for a few more months, but controversy surrounding the big event is already in full swing.

A group at the school made an effort to organize a “traditional” prom, according to Yahoo Shine, which would ban gay students from attending. It all started on Sunday when a meeting at the Sullivan First Christian Church discussed the possibility of an alternative prom for straight students only after learning the school’s principal David Springer had given permission to a pair of girls to “walk in the pre-prom ‘grand march’ for couples.”

That’s when a special education teacher at a nearby school chimed in.

“We don’t agree with it. It’s offensive to us,” Diana Medley told WTWO-TV.

When asked if she thought gays had a purpose in life, Medley answered, “No I honestly don’t. Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t understand it.”

A petition followed, with writer Dan Savage calling on Medley to be fired. The school where Medley teaches has issued a statement, which states her views are not that of the school or board of education.

There are 23 states with laws protecting students from discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation, however, Indiana is not among them, which means that an anti-gay prom at Sullivan High School could conceivably come to fruition.

“There’s no way to stop the haters at Sullivan High School from holding an independent prom for the bigoted kids,” Savage wrote in his blog for the Stranger, according to Yahoo. “But here’s what we can do: we can make a noise so loud enough that all the queer kids at Sullivan High School hear it. Those kids need to know that there are people—a lot of people—who think this sh*t is wrong.”

To show support for an inclusive prom, click over to this Facebook page, and to sign the petition supporting the termination of Diana Medley, click here.

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