Tragic: Toddler Shoots & Kills Mother With Gun He Thought Was a Toy

Boy Kills Mother With What He Thought Was Toy Gun

I, for one, always cringe when I see a little kid playing with a toy gun. Fortunately the instances of that are few and far between, but still the image is incredibly creepy. Once a popular toy for the army, cops & robbers, and war role playing set, the gun was the go-to toy for boys. Now, not so much. And for good reason.  Guns are just no good. And when kids see a real gun, the toy/weapon line can be blurred. That’s just what reportedly happened to a two-year-old boy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Apparently, the toddler Troy Bailey, grabbed a 9mm Glock that was sitting around the house. Thinking that it was a toy, the little boy alleged aimed it at his mother, pulled the trigger, and accidently killed her. The gun belonged to his father Tory Bailey Sr, who was visiting his ex- the little boy’s mother Julia Bennett. But the biggest issue isn’t that the little boy thought the real gun was a toy, but that the gun would be within his reach at all. To leave a firearm (loaded or not) anywhere near children is completely irresponsible.

But there is some question of whether a two-year-old could actually pull the trigger on a semi-automatic gun. “I’m not saying he didn’t do it but if he did, he’s a strong little boy,” a neighbor pointed out.  But as of now, his father is not considered a person of interest.

Do you think that a two-year-old could aim, pull the trigger and shoot someone?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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