Train Door Shuts 3-Year-Old Out While Dad Rides Away

train-platformIt played out like my number one fear when hopping a subway with my toddler – Dad got on the train, with his three-year-old son behind him. He thought.

Instead a malfunctioning door shut the three-year-old outside on the platform, and the train pulled away with Dad frantically watching through the window.

Video of the scene in Portland, Ore. shows Aaron Bailey making one last desperate grab for his son as the doors are closing, and the tiny figure standing with a red-headed woman who turned out to be his savior. Tracked down this week after the dramatic separation made national news, Orianne Greene met Bailey for an emotional reunion.

The nursing student told the Oregonian she tried pushing the button on the outside of the door as Bailey was pushing it on the inside – but it was malfunctioning. When she realized it wouldn’t work, she yelled to Bailey that she’d stay with the boy.

According to a variety of reports, the tot had pressed the button himself initially, starting off the door closure as he slipped outside. The video surveillance camera captures dad’s arm making the grab and then his hand lifeless outside the closing door, while Greene smashes on the button outside the train attempting to get it open. When the train pulls away, Greene is seen holding the boy’s hand and walking him to safety.

The train safety issues are mounting, with Bailey becoming the second dad to report being separated from his child by malfunctioning doors AND the second dad to report attempting to use the train intercom system to summon help and not getting an answer.

My daughter is still small enough to pick up when we’re hopping on a train, and I try to put myself between the door and her – lest she make the attempt to run. But nothing’s foolproof with little kids.

What do you do to avoid train disasters like this?

Image: tvol via flickr

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