Travel Agency Will Send Your Toys on A Vacation

toy-travelling-agencyYou may not be able to send your kids jetsetting around Europe, but a Czech “toy travel agency” is offering the next best thing.

Box up their stuffed animals and send them on the trip instead. They’ll take photos of the toys in front of all the hot tourist spots, then send him home.

Think of it as Flat Stanley with their favorite stuffy. It’s a geography lesson, a cool story and what with it being legal to actually place a teddy bear in a box and mail it overseas, a heck of a lot cheaper than a family vacation.

The current plans range from 40 Euros on up to 150, with a host of offerings for your child’s best friend, including daily communication via e-mail so they can ensure Bunny is doing just fine on the other side of the world.

According to a number of reports, the idea was born from a viewing of the film Amelie, but you might remember it was all over the TV last year here in America on an AT&T commercial too:

And lest your kids get antsy, there’s good news on the other end. Toy Traveling Agency promises “a happy reunion with your friend who will have rested and be full of energy which it will be more than happy to share with you.”

Rested and full of energy? That’s definitely not Mom or Dad after a vacation. Maybe it’s worth it to send teddy overseas. Right now he’s only hitting hotspots around Prague, but the company is promising to increase their coverage area soon. Would you send your kid’s best friend for the ride?

Image: Toy Traveling Agency

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