Trayvon Martin: 10 Powerful and Poignant Quotes via Twitter

461x500There has been much written over the last couple of days about the shocking outcome of the trial of George Zimmerman and the murder of Trayvon Martin. People across the country – across all social, racial and economic lines – were moved, angered, and heartbroken after it seemed that Trayvon and his family would see no justice.

A flood of words filled our computer screen and newspapers from the calmly written New York Times Op-Ed piece entitled, Trayvon Martin’s Legacy to Gary Younge’s piece Open Season on Black Boys After a Verdict Like This, for The Guardian, that was raw and angry.

The issue is complex, dividing a country and invoking not just essays but protests from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. There is so much to be said, so much to express, that one really must appreciate the poignant points and powerful sentiment that were being shared in less than 140 characters, via everyone’s favorite soapbox Twitter. It is a bit of a linguistic masterpiece to be able express such pain, anger and bewilderment in so few keystrokes, but these ten Twitter users, from director Michael Moore to spiritual author Deepak Chopra, have done just that.

Check out these 10 powerful and poignant tweets on the topic of race, law, and justice.

Michael Moore:
Had a gun-toting Trayvon Martin stalked an unarmed George Zimmerman, and then shot him to death… DO I EVEN NEED TO COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE?”

Deepak Chopra:
“I’m saddened by the verdict in the Trayvon case. Stalking a child and killing him and being declared “not guilty” is a travesty of justice.”

Elizabeth Dias:
“Trayvon’s dad to me: “God had a purpose for Trayvon to use his death to open the eyes of America”

Piers Morgan ”
“If George #Zimmerman had not had a gun, he’d have never got out of his car that night, and Trayvon Martin would still be alive.”

Tavis Smiley
“George Zimmerman knew nothing of Trayvon’s character, only his color. Race is real. Color can get you killed.”

Luke Adams ”
“Zimmerman is free because he was presumed by the jury to be innocent. Trayvon is dead because he was presumed by Zimmerman to be guilty.”

Katie Allison Granju ”
“Law should be constructed to best PROTECT unarmed children walking thru own neighborhoods,not other way around #Trayvon:

Playground Dad ”
“Our legal system just told us that vigilantes are allowed to hunt and kill our kids. We failed today. #trayvon”

Debbie Allen ”
“The verdict would never give us back Trayvon but we must find a way to protect innocent Black men Whose only crime is wearing a hoodie.”

Marc Lamont Hill
“We live in a country where it is not only illegal, but lethal, to be young and Black and outside. Trayvon is our nation’s metaphor.”

Photo Source: Newseum via OrlandoSentinel

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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