19 Truly Regrettable Love Tattoos

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Roses are red, violets are blue, I love you so much, I got a bad love tattoo.

Don’t cha just hate it when you’re so totally in love that you go get a bad love tattoo by a poor-spelling back alley tattoo artist? I hate when that happens.

When it comes to regrettable ink, plenty of people have stories. That ankle dolphin tat you got during spring break ’94, while probably not your best idea, is nothing compared to these epic love tattoo fails collected by our friends at Fail Blog’s Ugliest Tattoos!

Check out all of the inky regret after the jump!

  • Driving distance love 1 of 19
    Driving distance love
    Is there anything more romantic than "feerless" zip code love? Google Maps says the shortest distance between these two hearts is 234 miles. The inconvenient distance between them hardly seems worth this bad tattoo.
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  • Oh, Tracy 2 of 19
    Oh, Tracy
    Tracy, he put a void on your name because you left a void in his heart.
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  • What’s her name again? 3 of 19
    What's her name again?
    Brenda, get a restraining order; this is the back of a stalker.
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  • Wait, does this mean it’s over? 4 of 19
    Wait, does this mean it's over?
    Karen, when you figuratively plunged a knife into his heart, he literally plunged a knife into your name.
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  • Demi? 5 of 19
    Just kidding, this isn't Demi or any of the other ladies Ashton hooked up with. It's just some random chick who wishes she was one of the random ladies Ashton hooked up with.
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  • Paradoxical tramp stamp 6 of 19
    Paradoxical tramp stamp
    Can scripture be called a tramp stamp? And if a tattoo takes up your entire lower back can it be considered a tramp stamp? So many questions, the biggest of which is why?
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  • She love another man 7 of 19
    She love another man
    If I'm understanding this tattoo right (as if logic pertains here), I understand she used her phone to cheat on an internet dating site...I think.
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  • Birds of a feather… 8 of 19
    Birds of a feather...
    ...get a bad love tattoo and flock together.
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  • Does it now 9 of 19
    Does it now
    Love "concurs" all, y'all.
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  • That’s better 10 of 19
    That's better
    Oopsie! Petal, not pettle. "Your" all fixed now!
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  • YOLO 11 of 19
    You only live once with bad tattoos.
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  • Mommy loves you too 12 of 19
    Mommy loves you too
    "Mom wi love you 4Evr", so why the broken heart?
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  • Puzzle-o-love 13 of 19
    I wrote an entire post about this very tattoo, no need to get me started.
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  • Love hard with a vengeance 14 of 19
    Love hard with a vengeance
    When I love I love hard… or hand…but probably hard.
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  • Lil Wayne 15 of 19
    Lil Wayne
    Word spacing is no match for Lil Wayne.
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  • Were you now 16 of 19
    Were you now
    I've got a dictionary right here that feels differently.
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  • Peanut butter and jelly 17 of 19
    Peanut butter and jelly
    What's next? Oreo's and milk? Salt and pepper? Shampoo and conditioner?
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  • Slutty Lori 18 of 19
    Slutty Lori
    I had to include this because my name is Lori and I probably think this tat is about me.
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  • You ought to have that mole looked at 19 of 19
    You ought to have that mole looked at
    Oh, never mind.
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Do you have a tattoo you regret?

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