TSA Takes Away Three-Year-Old Boy's Playdough

2445628211_bfb5f64edeThree-year-old Josh Pitney loved the Play-Doh he got from his grandma for Christmas.  He loved it so much, in fact, that his parents packed it in their carry-on for the trip home to keep him entertained during the flight.

But when TSA screened the Pitney’s bags, security decided those cans of Play-Doh posed a threat. They could, after all, really be plastic explosive.

“I had the kids and my husband was there with all our bags,” Christy Pitney told the Associated Press. “Josh and I were sitting, getting our shoes on and, my husband kind of motioned to us and said, ‘They took our Play -Doh.’ And the man from TSA was taking every can out at a time and putting it on a table, and Josh saw and he started fussing. I tried to explain that those were the rules, but it turns out it’s not prohibited on the TSA’s website – so apparently those are not the rules.”

The TSA confiscated every single can of Josh’s Play-Doh, right in front of him, no less, saying that plastic explosive — which apparently resembles Play-Doh — could be hidden in the cans.

The Pitneys say they have no problem following the rules, it’s just that in this case, they didn’t break any. There’s no mention of Play-Doh being a problem on the TSA’s website, but TSA workers are allowed to use their own discretion.

“Quite honestly I just wanted to get out of there,” Pitney told Fox2Now, “I thought the less time we could spend right there, maybe we could solve it with a candy cane or you know a piece of candy from inside the terminal, so I just tried to move us as quickly along as possible with a very traumatized child in tow.”

Security is high at airports right now, following an attempted bombing of a plane in Detroit on Christmas Day.  (See:  Controversial full-body scans.)  And when tension is high, as we’ve learned, sometimes common sense goes out the window. Is that what happened to the Pitney’s? Or was the TSA agent right to follow their gut instinct?

Photo:  Robert S. Donovan, Flickr

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