Turkeys Take Over the Internet: 10 Hilariously Wild Turkeys

Plucked turkeys are just inherently funny. When I was a kid, my mom would always make the turkey do a little dance while she was rinsing it and preparing it for Thanksgiving. It’s the wings, I think. They’re just irresistible that way.

Of course now we have the joy that  is the Internet for sharing that exact kind of demented humor.

Here are my ten favorite turkeys of the Internet right now!

  • Happy Thanksgiving! 1 of 11
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Click the arrows to scroll through and enjoy these 10 wild turkeys.
  • Nice hat. 2 of 11
    Nice hat.
    I like how the nose gives it kind of a Squidward look.

    (Photo Credit: dumpaday)
  • Adorbz enough to eat. 3 of 11
    Adorbz enough to eat.
    Because nothing says "festive" like a photo op that involves putting your baby on a serving platter.

    (Make it yourself with instructions from Martha Stewart)
  • They’re like this every year. 4 of 11
    They're like this every year.
    This is what happens when my family has a little too much boxed wine with our Thanksgiving dinner.

    (Photo Credit: QuickMeme)
  • Chillaxin’. 5 of 11
    Just chillaxin' In the hot tub with my peeps.

    (Photo Credit: Anorak)
  • It’s just not the Internet without bacon. 6 of 11
    It's just not the Internet without bacon.
    No matter how crazy your family is, this bacon-wrapped turkey would be worth it.

    (Photo Credit: Flickr/echoforsperg)
  • This is the year. 7 of 11
    This is the year.
    This is the year that the the turkey fights back.

    (Photo Credit: Funny Pics)
  • Aunt Kim is really excited about Thanksgiving. 8 of 11
    Aunt Kim is really excited about Thanksgiving.
    Also, how much do I love that there's a blog called "What Not to Crochet"? Check out this post for more overly-enthusiastic members of the turkey hat brigade.

    (Photo Credit: What Not to Crochet)
  • Nope. Nothing disturbing about this at all. 9 of 11
    Nope. Nothing disturbing about this at all.
    And just like that, that last crocheted turkey hat seems really, really normal.

    (Available at: Fancie That)
  • Ermahgerd 10 of 11
    I would like more Stervetop Sterffing with my mershed pertaters.

    (Photo Credit: Meme Generator)
  • Haters gonna hate. 11 of 11
    Haters gonna hate.
    You can't buy this kind of swagger. It just comes naturally.

    (Photo Credit: Pleated Jeans)

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