Woman Gives Birth to Twins with Two Different Fathers

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Who's Your Daddy?

As Melissa Dahl from MSNBC called it: a little baby boy in Poland has a “sister from another mister,” which wouldn’t be super-unusual, if she weren’t his twin.  That’s right, a Polish woman got pregnant with twins – each from a different father – which can happen when a woman has sex with two men while she is ovulating and releases two eggs that are fertilized.

TIME magazine writes, “after paternal tests were done, it was revealed that each child had a different father.”  The woman’s son was fathered by the man she was married to and her daughter was the product of an affair.  As you can imagine, this type of pregnancy is extremely rare.  In fact, this is reportedly only the seventh time this has ever happened in human history, and is the third most bizarre birth story next to Octomom and the Immaculate Conception.

Here’s a report from MSNBC on the subject:

Now that the mother in question has filed for divorce, I wonder if she’ll get twice the child support?  Will she continue a relationship with the man she had an affair with?  Will either father want to see either or both of the children?  So many questions, so much drama, this is better than an episode of Maury!  At least these kids have each other to get through what is sure to be a bizarre childhood.

Sources: TIME, MSNBC

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