Twitter Trends: Find Out What Makes Us Ladies Angry

Upset a lady and everyone knows it. We women tend to wear our emotions on our faces and occasionally we tweet them too. This week in the twitter-sphere it seems someone was not happy and that someone happened to be a she. #HowToPissAGirloff became a trending topic. Although unfortunate, while we do just fine ruffling each other’s feathers, given the numerous tweets using that hashtag from men, I believe it is safe to say they are the real experts here. See some of the ways to really make us mad after the jump and if you know any other ways like:

#HowToPissAGirlOff pretend you don’t hear the baby crying so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night.

#HowToPissAGirlOff don’t tell her you have company “stopping by” until it’s too late for her to shower or brush her teeth or hair. #eww

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