Twitter Trends: #PerksOfDatingMe

Last night my husband and I went on our first real date in what feels like has been forever. As we drove to our destination I gave in to my iPhone addiction and took to Twitter to see what was happening in the twittersphere. How appropriate was it that #perksofdatingme was trending. After all, being a married man and taking your wife out on a date has some perks, perks like:

You’re sure to score at the end of the night (unless the baby wakes up of course). #perksofdatingme

I won’t order the most expensive thing on the menu because I checked our account balance before we left. #perksofdatingme

No awkward silence during dinner because I will talk about our sweet children the entire time. #perksofdatingme

Ran out of cheesy pickup lines? No worries! They worked! I’ve said “I do” already. #perksofdatingme

I’ll only have eyes for you. Forever. For always. #perksofdatingme

Clearly I am on a roll here and clearly my husband was well aware that there were many perks when it came to dating me. So many in fact, that he married me to guarantee that I would always be his date (Yes, he married a cornball. Another perk!).

Below are a few tweets for this trending topic. Tweeters were confident this week sharing their attributes, letting their followers know that they had much to offer. Read them and if you’re up to it share the perks of dating you; I’m sure there are many. No need to hold back. You’ve got it going on!

Happy dating!


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