Twitter Users Ask "Who is Paul McCartney?" and Make Us Feel Really Old

Who is This Man?!?

The topic “who is Paul McCartney” is trending on Twitter, and it makes us feel old. Really, really old.

It would be one thing if the person asking the question “who is Paul McCartney?” was a tribesman that had lived in the jungle their whole life, a time traveler who came from the year 1885 or perhaps a 4-year-old.  But the people who are posting this question don’t fit into any of those categories (at least we hope not). They are beings that are living in modern society, have computers, iPads and/or smart phones and they’re old enough to have a Twitter account.

Tweets were posted from … “who the hell is Paul McCartney” to a young girl posting “I can totally feel the judgment right now but who is Paul McCartney.”  What’s funny is that instead of taking that moment to actually Google the man, these tweeters posted their lack of knowledge.

Of course after these started popping up, the mocking and dismay began to show up as well.  @albz tweeted, “the fact that “Who is Paul McCartney” is trending really explains why Katy Perry is popular.” @xchrismcguire wrote, “If someone asks you “Who is Paul McCartney,” you are perfectly within your rights to break their iPod in half and pee on it.” Kate wrote, “i’m just gonna go ahead and assume the ‘who is paul mccartney’ trending topic is a joke. if not 2012 might be the end after all.” And Twitter user Alexa Ray wrote, “Why is “Who Is Paul McCartney” trending? You are a disgrace, Twitter.”

Does this whole thing make YOU feel old?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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