Two Indiana Boys Run 1,300 Miles Away from Home to ‘Strike Out on their Own’

Not how parents want to imagine their teenage children

If your kid were 18 and said he was taking off to start a new life, you’d likely ask him about his plans, hug him, pat him on the back and wish him well.

Subtract a couple of years from his age and imagine your kid sets off for a new life but tells you in a note instead of in person, and you only discover the note after he’s nearly 1,300 miles from home, and you’d probably want to strangle him.

In August, Jordan Webb, 16, and Levi “David” Briggs, 15, borrowed a Mercedes and fled their homes in Indiana to stay with a camp friend in Loma, Colo., according to Yahoo News.

The borrowed Mercedes belonged to Webb’s dad, although neither of the boys actually had a license to drive it (or any other car).  Their absence sent their families into an understandable panic, with their parents and friends and the local police searching for them frantically while an alert was also issued by police in a national database.

In an effort to remain “lost,” the boys got rid of their cell phones and shut down their Facebook accounts.

David’s dad sent out a plea to his son:

“Dear David, Our world is upside down without you. We’re not getting much sleep because we’re always thinking about you. Come home. We’ll get through whatever we have to, to get you back on track with a good future. You are worth it. I love you.”

Both boys are said to be from “good homes with loving parents,” and the boys were good in school and popular, but they wanted to “take this opportunity to strike out on their own.”

Thankfully the boys were found unharmed five days after they left home.

It’s certainly admirable — or at least kind of admirable — that the boys want to make it on their own. If only they’d waited another 2-3 years to try it out.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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