Ty Smalley: Another Young Soul Lost to Bullying

Ty Smalley
Ty Smalley

CNN conducted an extensive interview this morning with Kirk Smalley, Ty Smalley’s Dad.  Ty was an 11-year-old boy who “committed suicide in May after a year-long battle with a bully in his school.”  Emma Brady of Babble’s Famecrawler writes, “On the one day Ty decided to stand up to his bully and push back, he was suspended from school for his actions.  It was during his out-of-school suspension that Smalley made the tragic decision to end his life.”  His father Kirk now vows to “fight bullying wherever it’s found. Schools. Workplace.”  He says, “I’m not going to quit until bullying does.”

Here’s his interview with Carol Costello of CNN:

In the interview, Kirk says in a tearful voice, “First and foremost I hold my self completely responsible for what happened to my son.  I was responsible for my son’s safety.  It’s my job to protect him – no matter what, no matter where he was, it’s my job to protect him.”  Kirk, like so many other parents, mentions that he and his wife told the school principal that their son was being bullied and was met with, “Boys will be boys,” rather than some kind of concrete solution against school violence.

Kirk is now committed to ending bullying in schools, and he’s started a program called Stand for the Silent.  You can join Kirk’s cause here on Facebook.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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