Um, I Kinda Like Summer Vacation

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Summer vacation should be a time for relaxation...and fun!

Summer vacation is here for most kids, or will be within the next few days. Some moms go absolutely crazy with having their kids home all day. Others sign them up for camp as soon as humanly possible and spend the bulk of the summer relaxing with their husbands and friends while their child is off on their own outdoor adventures in sleep away camp. (Can you imagine a whole month or two without kids?)

I’m a little different than these moms though because I actually like when my kids are off for the summer. Summer to me means no schedule, no making lunches, doing homework, ironing uniforms, or getting up at 6am… none of it. Now that I work exclusively from my home office, my schedule can be as flexible as I want it to be.

Back when I was tied to a publishing company, summers were hard, real hard. I hated missing out on all the summer fun with the kids, and having to go to bed early just so I could get up the next morning to travel on the hot, sticky, and foul smelling NYC subways.

I gotta admit, summer is fun.

Yet fellow mom, Amy Byrnes makes a pretty compelling case and opposite view in her post, The Moms of Summer: Why I Hate Summer Vacation. She discusses how sometimes a set of faces looking to you and only you to plan their days can be daunting, especially when we have to work from home. It’s true, if you are on a work schedule where you have to put in 9-5 hours, having kids home in the summer is especially difficult. Luckily, my day is flexible so I can write any time I like and from anywhere. I have already clocked many days this summer (and articles) while poolside and at the playground. My workday is admittedly starting a little later these days, but I’m also casually catching up late at night after days of fun in the pool and on the beach. There is always a give and take in parenting but this works for me.

Like Amy, I also have kids of various ages and it took me many years before all my kids were in school too, so I don’t take my quiet time lightly. But the flip side of having the extra peaceful moments that are rediscovered when kids go to school comes the immense load of constant tests, studying, projects and other to-dos. I’ll take the flexibility of summer time any day.

Where do you stand on summer vacation? Are you looking forward to the lazy, hazy days? Or counting down the days until September is finally here?

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