Unclaimed Money? Has You Covered

Do you have any unclaimed cash lying around somewhere? Are you sure?

So, with child number five on the way (a little boy I like to call Grand Finale), Caroline and I could use a little extra cash right now. And as I pondered that thought the other day, I remembered a strange conversation my mom and I had a few years back. Strange in that I couldn’t believe the topic: namely an account that she thought her father (my granddad) had opened up for me. She didn’t know where the account was opened (not even the state!), when it was opened, or even if it was opened. But it seemed like one had been opened. She just couldn’t put her finger on it.

And if she couldn’t put her finger on it, then I knew it was unlikely that I’d ever be able to wrap my fingers around the cash (if, in fact, there was any to be had). But now, thanks to ABC News / Good Morning America, I’ve got some tips that will help me get to the bottom of the mysterious loot.

Did you know that there are billions and billions of unclaimed dollars lying around? That stat not only blew my mind, but also made me realize that I shouldn’t have found the conversation with my mom all that weird. Apparently, these things happens all the time. To help folks out, Good Morning America set up a little outdoor kiosk they called the “Unclaimed Money Headquarters.” And just 32 minutes into their operation, they hit a streak: GMA found modest amounts of money for five people in a row.

Go over to ABC News to see the GMA segment, as well as to get some great tips to see if you can add a few dollars to the family piggy bank by uncovering some unclaimed money. Here are just some the ways how:

If you are searching for miscellaneous money, stuff like forgotten security deposits, lost insurance refunds, etc…you should visit a website set up by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators. Visit them by clicking here. NAUPA also has a commercially run site you can visit by clicking here. In both cases, you’ll want to make sure to search under every name you’ve had, as well as search in every state you’ve lived.

Unclaimed savings bonds are a common occurrence because they often take 30 to 40 years to mature. (I’m sort of wondering if that might be the type of account my granddad may have set up for me…) The Treasury Department realizes this and has set up a great site to help you track down any such bonds that might be under your name. Just¬†click here, then type in your social security number.

What about lost life insurance policies? A group called MIB solutions has you covered, but you’ll need to fork over $75 for them to conduct a search for you. You can visit them by clicking here.

With all the job changing that Americans do, I suspect that many might find unclaimed money in the form of “misplaced” pensions” and “lost” 401(k)s. If you are owed a pension by a company which has gone under, you’ll want to visit the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporations website by clicking here. (If you’re owed a pension by a company that is still in existence, you’ll need to contact that company directly.) If you’ve left a 401(k) behind with a company that’s gone out of business, you can try to find these funds by clicking HERE.

Please note, these are only some of the ways detailed by for finding unclaimed money. So if you’re wondering if your family has any unclaimed money out there, I strongly encourage you to visit ABC News to read the entire article and watch the full segment on GMA.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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