Wisdom from Mom Bloggers: 10 Undiscovered Bloggers You Should Know About


These days, blogs pop up on the Internet like daisies. Covering every possible subject you can imagine — from eco-friendly sink gardening to toe-jam artwork — the blogosphere offers sites at just about every level of quality, too. So many new ones appear each day that uncovering those few truly good ones, those that deserve more attention and acclaim, is often a daunting task. Enter our Top 100 Mom Bloggers. Experts in the blogosphere with their ears to the digital ground, they have the inside scoop on all the newbies you should know about!

We asked them, “Who is the one undiscovered blogger that deserves more spotlight?” and they dug up some hidden gems you won’t want to miss. Check out these rising blog-stars!

  • The Livesay Haiti Weblog 1 of 10

    Tara Livesay is an incredible blogger. She is thoughtful, hilarious, and leads an interesting life. She works for an NGO in Haiti and has 7 kids.  

    Kristen Howerton, Rage Against the Minivan

    Photo Credit: Troy Livesay

  • Mater Mea 2 of 10

    I adore Mater Mea, an absolutely stunning site that combines great storytelling with fine art photography to celebrate the beauty of African American mothers. Right now, they cover moms exclusively in NYC, but I so want them to go nationwide. I think they're doing important work by showing the everyday lives of moms of color — narratives that extend far beyond the stereotypes we're used to seeing in mainstream media.

    Denene Millner, MyBrownBaby


  • Highly Irritable 3 of 10

    I wouldn't say she's "undiscovered," but she deserves more spotlight for sure: Jeni Marinucci of Highly Irritable. She's very funny, very talented, and has better hair than I do. (I hate her.)

    Kristine Cook, Wait in the Van

    Photo Credit: Meghan Liddle Photography.


  • The Authentic Life 4 of 10

    I adore Bill Dameron's blog The Authentic Life. He was a married father who finally found the courage at the age of 43 to say, "I'm gay." His blog is an inspirational and honest look at what his life looks like now.

    Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Flourish in Progress

    Photo Credit: Marisa Dameron


  • No Model Lady 5 of 10

    I love No Model Lady. She's so classy and beautiful, and is a mother of two boys. She was even a teenage mother once, but she handled it like a BOSS. I just love her.

    Jess Craig, irocksowhat

  • I Miss You When I Blink 6 of 10

    Every year, I host Blogmas, where I invite the bloggers that I never get a chance to know to submit their favorite posts from the year. Inevitably, when I read them, I find little gems I never knew were out there. My absolute favorite writer from the past year is ML from I Miss You When I Blink. Her writing is beautiful, brilliant, and FUNNY. What more can you ask for in a blogger?

    Fadra Nally, All Things Fadra


  • A Day in Mollywood 7 of 10

    My friend Molly from A Day in Mollywood is a phenomenal writer who has written openly about her struggles with depression. She's an inspiration.

    Jill Krause, Baby Rabies

    Photo Credit: Megan Keith Photography

  • Art from the Lost Planet 8 of 10

    I love Mindy North at Art from the Lost Planet. The Norths are a family of artists truly living a life of their own charming, conscious, kooky, and beautiful design. I love reading about their adventures. It's like my fantasy life if I was handy enough to hang curtains and didn't kill every garden I ever tried to plant.

    Jillian Lauren, Jillian Lauren

  • Sellabit Mum 9 of 10

    I really like Minnesota blogger Sellabit Mum, who, to the best of my knowledge, is not celibate or British. But I give her serious props for surviving Minnesota winters. She writes beautiful, thoughtful posts about her three girls, and she has a passion for making sure children are vaccinated throughout the world.

    Kelcey Kintner, The Mama Bird Diaries

    Photo Credit: Tracy of Sellabit Mum

  • It’s Not Wine, It’s Mommy Juice 10 of 10

    I'm addicted to Kristine Krause Castagnaro's blog It's Not Wine, It's Mommy Juice. The stories Kristine tells about her two sassy daughters (one adopted) are fresh, funny, and genuine. And I never mind hearing about their home state of Hawaii.

    Amy Wruble, Carriage Before Marriage

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