Unhelpful Teacher Meme, Making Frustrating School Experiences Hilarious

Now that I’ve got a daughter of my own in second grade, I think back on my school days and realize that though much has changed, some educational experiences never will. Not only do teachers still give kids a hard time about going to the bathroom, they still flaunt privileges that their students can’t, making for frustrated kids. These memes, below, had me laughing out loud at the teachers I grew up with and chuckling on behalf of my daughter, who has come home more than once complaining about unfair bathroom policies, for example. Enjoy, for a moment, making fun of all the unhelpful teachers who have tried to turn you and your kids into better people using hypocrisy, power and shame:

  • The worst. 1 of 20
    The worst.
    That's what you get for being polite and following directions!
  • Be creative. 2 of 20
    Be creative.
    Within the lines.
  • What’s good for the goose… 3 of 20
    What's good for the goose...
    ...isn't good for the gander!
  • Aaaaand 4 of 20
    ...this is helping how?
  • The most correct one. 5 of 20
    The most correct one.
    What don't you understand?
  • No. 6 of 20
    Don't call on me. No. No! Yup. You called on me.
  • Again. 7 of 20
    I am the exception to every rule.
  • Boom! 8 of 20
    Hahahaha this.
  • Hold it. 9 of 20
    Hold it.
    Why are you walking so slowly, Malcolm? Class is over! Hurry!
  • Seriously. 10 of 20
    They don't pay me to be smart. They pay me to teach you to be smart.
  • Is it? 11 of 20
    Is it?
    WELL IS IT?!
  • Heeeyyyyyy kids! 12 of 20
    Heeeyyyyyy kids!
    Let's have fun today!
  • Yes. 13 of 20
  • BURN! 14 of 20
    Oh man. You got schooled!
  • Nothing like… 15 of 20
    Nothing like...
    ...a little public embarrassment to make a kid love learning!
  • So this actually happened. 16 of 20
    So this actually happened.
    And is happening in schools across the country.
  • Don’t talk! 17 of 20
    Don't talk!
    No one talks except me!
  • Wah-wah 18 of 20
    Can, get it? Like the shitter? Hey-oh!
  • Dying. 19 of 20
    This. This meme had me laughing. Out loud. For as many seconds. As it took me to write this poem. Analyze.
  • Oh. 20 of 20
    And the graph on 37. BUT JUST THE GRAPH.

All images via Quick Meme: Unhelpful High School Teacher, Scumbag Teacher


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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