Unusual Baby Names: Would You Name Your Kid Any Of These?

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You're naming me what?

What’s in a name and how important is it for you to give your child a name that either no else has or very few have?

For some, this is very important. Among the reasons listed for why some parents are unhappy with their name choices, one of the most cited reasons is that the name became too popular. 32%, of parents who said that they ‘regretted’ their child’s first name said they did because it became a ‘common’ name for children.

After all, if the whole Pre-K class is filled with Aidens and Ellas, your child might be Ella C. or Ella K,. Aiden J. or Aiden R. While it’s not the end of the world, it’s something that a lot of parents just don’t want.

So in light of choosing a unique or even mysterious name, here are some one-of-a-kind names reported by BabyCenter this year:

Air– My first thought was c’mon. My second thought was wait, it is pure connection to nature. I’m on the fence.

Couture– Awkward to pronounce, spell, explain, and maybe a little too uppity?

Daytona-Sounds like a girl’s name but how many girls will like being linked a race car for their entire lives?

Favor– Can you just hear the taunts on the playground, do me a favor, can I have a favor, party favor……

Kindle– This is cute and I love the reading connection, but sounds more like a pet’s name to me.

Havoc– I bet this name would suit a lot of kids.

Would you name your child any of these names? What is your favorite? Which ones are the worst?

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Click here for the full list of HuffPo’s most obscure baby names.

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