Should Mom Pluck Her Young Daughter's Unibrow?

A mom with a hairy girl asks Slate’s advice columnist, Dear Prudie, whether she should g’head and pluck her 7-year-old daughter’s emerging unibrow. The mother describes the girl’s father as “of Hispanic descent” and said he has plucked his own stubborn unibrow since he was a teen.

The mom says she has reason to worry, because her daughter’s cousin wound up cutting her face with a razor in an attempt to rid herself of too much eyebrow.

The 7-year-old hasn’t yet asked to get plucked. It’s the mom who is getting bothered by it. What does Prudie say?

She says go for it if the girl starts asking and then tells us about her own hirsuit daughter’s grooming battles. I’m inclined to agree with the wait-and-see part of Prudie’s advice. Wouldn’t it be great if the daughter grew up to not even give rip?

I might also add this piece of advice to Shallow Mom: get your daughter out of her hairless-(I’m betting)Anglo bubble. Introduce her to some women who could be related to your overbrowed husband. Get yourself out, too, Shallow Mom, because Frieda Kahlo isn’t the only woman who can rock caterpillar across her forehead. (I’m thinking the very fashionable daughter of one notorious trendsetter).

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