Up-and-Coming Name Trends for 2010

baby-name-trends-2010-ad-bustersThe good news? We’re not going to see a lot of babies named Sparrow in the coming year (sorry, Nicole and Joel). But we can, according to the self-anointed Baby Name Guru, Bruce Lansky, expect to spend a lot of time on the circle time rug with Jaydens, Aidens (or, kind of horrifyingly, Aydens), Rylees and Kylees and the entire cast of characters from the Holy Bible.

The Top 5 baby naming trends for girls and the top five for boys will bring us these names in 2010, Lansky says:


1. The -aydens: Jayden, Aiden/Ayden and Brayden.

2. Old Testament names: Elijah, Gabriel, Nathan, Isaac, Aaron, Josiah.

3. Irish names: Brody, Liam, Aiden (Conner, surprisingly, is dropping off).

4. Western “C” names: Cooper, Carter, Colton and Chase (attorney’s at law?)


1. Sound-alike names: Chloe/Zoe, Rylee/Kylee, Aubrey/Audrey, Makayla/Layla, Peyton/Payton.

2. Faith-based names: Genesis and Leah. (Nevaeh, heaven spelled backwards, is no longer the clever shout-out to Christ it had been for the previous few years.)

3. Place names. Or, more specifically, The Place name — Brooklyn. She moves up while Sydney slides down. (Question: When is Dubuque going to get on the girl’s name hit parade that it so deserves?)

4. Madeline/Madelyn. This is the naming trend that needs to die. I don’t like to share.

So that’s America’s naming blueprint in a nutshell. Expectant moms, spill. What are you naming your 2010 babies?

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