UPDATE: Where Has Jaycee Lee Dugard Been for 18 Years?

jaycee-dugard1When we shared the story of the woman kidnapped at eleven who showed up eighteen years later, we knew nothing about the intervening years.

We sort of wish it had stayed that way. Jaycee Lee Dugard, the little girl who resurfaced as a full grown woman of twenty-nine yesterday in California has apparently been through unspeakable horrors – including becoming a mother to two children via rape.

A variety of news accounts have pieced together a story that says the two people who grabbed eleven-year-old Jaycee right in front of her house as she walked to catch the school bus in 1991 have kept her ever since. The man, Phillip Garrido, was a registered sex offender charged previously with kidnapping and rape. Even scarier – his wife, Nancy, has been arrested along with him for allegedly being in on the whole thing.

Together, the reports are they kept Jaycee under lock and key, and Garrido forced her to have sex with him – creating two children in the process.

He got caught when he took their two kids out to proselytize with him – as a registered sex offender, he wasn’t supposed to be spending time around children. But he’s been doing some pretty scary things online in the meantime, writing a blog dubbed “Voices Revealed” where he calls himself “the man who spoke with his mind” and claims he wants to help law enforcement by telling them when evil demons are controlling people’s minds.

Er, like his own?

It’s hard to assess what’s most disturbing about this story: the kidnapping, the rape, or the fact that it took eighteen years for Dugard to be rescued in part because neighbors ignored the fact that a known sex offender was being seen in the presence of little kids.

Although we do have to step back and realize sex offenders are people too, who have served their time, the purpose of Megan’s Law and others that have paved the way for sex offender registries and neighbor notification is in essence to deputize the community. It’s based on the high recidivism rate of sex offenders, the limited resources of police. In other words: what the heck were these people doing in not speaking up?

Read more on Jaycee’s case here.

Image: The Charley Project

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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