US Marines Take On 'Call Me Maybe' in Afghanistan (Video)

U.S. Marines perform "Call Me Maybe" on their lunch break.

When you’re stationed in Afghanistan, you don’t get to hear the latest hits in the U.S. Which means that, for better or worse, you might not hear Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

“I had just returned to Kandahar from the US and had been taken back by how big of a hit it was, as we often miss out on the latest and greatest while in the ‘Stan and I hadn’t heard it before,” wrote Eric Raum, a photographer and filmmaker who works with the USO in Afghanistan.

Approached by a friend about doing a cover of “Call Me Maybe” as a morale-booster for troops, Mr. Raum happily helped out. He writes that he was extremely impressed by how hard the service members worked on the project, with such a limited amount of time.

“We showed up in the afternoon, and in true Marine fashion, everyone patiently listened, paid close attention, and within 30 minutes, had the dance down,” he wrote in his blog. With another 30 minutes to film, we wrapped things up and they got back to work. They quickly learned the steps, performed with vigor, said their goodbyes and got back to their jobs.”

After filming the segments with the Marines, Mr. Raum “roamed around base grabbing people from all lines of service to bust out their own dance moves for the rest of the video.”

Mr. Raum noted that the film didn’t cost anything to make, was filmed during people’s lunch breaks, and had a great impact on not only those who participated, but on those who have seen it–especially families back home.

“Sometimes people think of the military in a de-humanized way,” Mr. Raum wrote. “They hear ‘military’ and they think of it as a whole. What I’ve learned over here is how incredibly diverse each person is. Different hobbies, different skills, even different dance moves. I am always amazed at the amount of talent and creativity I see out here and it is a blessing to have the opportunity to show a glimpse of that to people back home.”

Check out the video below, and see if it doesn’t make you bust out a huge grin. If one of these service members was your mom or dad, wouldn’t you be incredibly thrilled to see this?


(Photo Credit: Eric Raum, YouTube)

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