Using Bread and Chicken Skin for Birth Control

chicken-skinAnd you thought the old wives tales from your gran were weird: a new survey of British women brought out reports of using everything from chicken skin to bread as birth control.

Yes, you read that right. Women are turning to the kitchen in search of the miracle that will keep them from landing a bun in their oven.

Surprise, surprise: it ‘isn’t working.

The survey, performed on behalf of Bayer Schering Pharma, was meant to find why British women have the highest rates of unintended pregnancy and highest rate of teenage pregnancy in all of Europe, despite being a fairly advanced country.

The number one tall tale for warding off pregnancy from my teenage years was the “pee immediately after sex” cure (supposedly the urine would wash out all the naughty sperm). But I can’t say any of us even dreamed of these picks from the Brits survey:

1. Bread, cling film (aka plastic wrap) and chicken skin can be used instead of condoms.

2. Drinking Coca-Cola or eating crisps (aka potato chips), chocolate or kebabs can be an oral contraceptive.

Less off-the-wall but still disturbing: they found the idea that the pill could prevent HIV was a persistent myth, as was the idea that it could take years to regain fertility after going off the pill.

What are some of the weirdest ways to ward off pregnancy that you’ve heard?

Image: Adactio via Flickr

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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