Valentine Poems for Your Kids That Don't Begin With Roses Are Red

Valentine poems are fun for everyone.

Last night, Caroline and Alli were hard at work at the kitchen table. The chore at hand? Creating the triplets’ Valentine’s Day cards. Alli delights in these types of endeavors. She loves coming up with clever little sayings that adorn the back of the holiday greetings. Which tells me that soon, she’ll be wanting to create her own. And that means I need to get on my A-game to help her do just that.

So, I’ve taken the liberty of looking up some Valentine poems to help her make every Valentine’s Day creation really pop.

Here’s one for her teacher via FamiliesOnLineMagazine.

A Valentine for My Teacher

My teacher’s very special
so I’m making her a heart,
a valentine that’s sure to be
a proper work of art.

I’ve worked on it all morning
so it should be ready soon,
I’d like to slip it on her desk
before this afternoon.

It’s colored in with crayons
and it’s trimmed with paper lace,
it has flowers, hearts, and cupids–
I can’t wait to see her face.

Here’s one for her little classmates:


Here is a valentine.
I made it just for you.
With paper and ribbons
And lots of Elmer’s glue!
I cut it with my scissors
And designed it with my paint.
If I tell you that I love you,
Do you promise not to faint?

WHOA. I might faint. If Alli’s dropping I-love-you-bombs at the tender age of 9, that is. Geez. Maybe this next one, then:

I’m Going to Wrap Myself in Paper

I’m going to wrap myself in paper
I’m going to stick myself with glue
I’m going to tie a BIG red bow on me
and mail myself to you.

Hmmm. Better. But is it just me or is there a mild mail-order-bride feel to this one?

Oh well. I’m trying. And speaking of trying, you can, too. Here’s another great site for some Valentine poems, including a great one for Mom and Dad. Go to PoemSource to check them out.

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