Valentine's Day Gift Ideas: Do You Get Them For Him?

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Do you get your hubby Valentine's Day gifts?

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just days away. The men in our lives will be scrambling looking for a perfect gift ideas for their women. They might just pick up flowers and candy, an easy enough gift. For women who get their guys Valentine’s Day gifts, it can be a little harder. What kind of gift actually says Valentine’s Day to a man? More importantly, do they even care? Should we?

I don’t get Valentine’s Day gifts for my husband, mostly because he says that he thinks the holiday is for women. Also, because I kind of feel that the holiday is such an incredible waste of time for everyone except maybe the kids. As moms, it’s always fun to get that cute little stuffed animal or box of candy for your babies.

However, for adults, the holiday conjures up feelings of inadequacy for many singles while raising expectations for those who are newly dating. Have you dated long enough to have to buy a gift or go out to dinner that night? Will roses do or is she expecting jewelry? For married couples, I think it’s pointless.

Bear with me, I am not opposed to love and romance. I love it, in fact. I just think that if your spouse is loving, you feel it everyday not just Valentine’s Day. And if they only do something special for you on that day, well that’s just a perfunctory action. It is fun to celebrate the holiday together and get away from parenting duties for a night, so dinner and a night out might be the best compromise.

Years ago, I’d wrack my brain thinking about what to get my husband and then he said he thought it was just a holiday for women. Men didn’t really need a stuffed animal and certainly not any flowers or candy. That was an immense relief and I stopped getting V-day trinkets. Ahh, the freedom!

I used to care about Valentine’s Day gifts way back in the dating days, but now I’d much prefer a handwritten note, a week off from laundry duty, or even few days of not having to do the dishes. Now that’s love!

Do you still get your hubby Valentine’s Day gifts? What do you get him? What are the favorite gifts he has given you?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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