VIDEO 6-Year-Old Given Full TSA Pat-Down: Is This Okay?

TSA Pat-Down 6-Year-Old Girl

One has to wonder what triggers a TSA agent to decide to do a full pat-down on a child. Did the kid come off looking suspicious? What would make anyone think that a little girl could be a terrorist or a tool of some evil plot?

Video of a six-year-old girl being patted down by a TSA agent was uploaded to YouTube and has reopened the discussion on the issues with the new TSA policies in regards to personal rights and privacy, especially when it comes to children.

Now, first it should be mentioned that we don’t have much backstory on this clip. It may have been a case where the parents didn’t want their daughter to walk through the X-ray or AIT (Advanced Imaging Technology) and to be exposed to the low levels of radiation. Whatever the reason, the girl was given a thorough pat down. The TSA agent did describe what she would be doing each step of the way, while one of the fellow travelers filmed the process. At the end of the clip, they mention that the TSA will also be doing a drug test of some sort. But it’s still a case of a total stranger touching the body of a child all over. Something that is generally only okay if the adult is a health care provider or a parent.

Do you think that having children receive a pat-down is just part of the keeping the traveling public safe or do you think that there should be an age limit on pat-down screenings.

Check out the video below.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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