VIDEO: Boy Meets His First Set of Husbands

husbands-and-husbandsIt’s pure corniness, but when anyone starts talking about our children being our future, I get ferklempt. And then I found this video. In it a little boy meets his first set of gay men married to one another. And then he asks them to play ping pong.

Blogger Scout’s Honor alerted us here at Strollerderby about little Calen’s video on YouTube, where he works through the process of determining what two married means as only a kid can.

The beauty of this video? No one freaked out that he didn’t initially say “OK, yeah, that’s right.” They just let it flow – and let him come to that conclusion all by himself. Take a look:

UPDATE: The video has been yanked – apparently because of some inappropriate comments to the family. But here is the transcript:

[Calen, a little boy, is standing in a bathroom next to a sink, looking up into the camera.]

Calen: A husband’s a boy.

Adult male voice from behind camera: Right.

Calen: A wife is a girl and a husband’s a boy. Then you two are husbands! [He hold up two fingers on both hands.] Wifes are girls; husbands are boys.

Voice from behind camera: Right.

Second adult male voice, from next to camera: That’s right. So, if you’re a boy—

Calen: You’ll be a husband.

Second Voice: Right.

First Voice: Yeah, we’re both husbands.

Calen: [puts his head in his hand] You’re both husbands?

Second Voice: Is that confusing—

Calen: You married each other?! That’s funny! [slaps hand to head]

Second Voice: That’s funny, right?

Calen: Yeah. [looks thoughtful] I usually see husbands and wives, but this is the VERY FIRST TIME I saw husbands and husbands! [grins excitedly]

[The two men laugh; Second Voice peers around and grins into camera.]

Calen: So funny. [edit] So that means you LOVE EACH OTHER!

First Voice: Yeah.

Calen: Yeah. Yeah, they’re much alike. You’re much alike. Hey, I’m going to play ping-pong now.

First Voice: Okay.

[Camera follows Calen out into the hallway; he turns back and looks at the two men.]

Calen: You can play if you want to.

Text onscreen: You’re much alike.

Now, if we could all just play some ping pong, wouldn’t the future be perfect?

Thanks to Scout’s Honor for the hat tip.

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