VIDEO: E Somehow Manages To Make Even Dorky Stuff Look Cool

Schwinn Meridian Bicycle
E about to head out on Ethel to meet up with his pals at the park.

Remember last Christmas when I gave Jon a gift that friends, family – and especially you guys (blog readers) – pretty much universally deemed to be THE WORST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER?

Or maybe you aren’t familiar with the history of this much-maligned holiday gift.

Here are some possible guesses for you:


Was it the complete, leather-bound collection of “Cathy” comic strips?

Was it a personally monogrammed, sateen Slanket?

Was it his very own BeDazzler?

No, it was EVEN BETTER.

It was, well, it was this.

Schwinn Meridian
The stylin’ Schwinn Meridian three-wheeler.

I will freely admit that I was perhaps just the teensiest bit defensive early on when everyone I know was laughing their asses off at me … because I bought my husband an adult trike for Christmas and actually, truly, cross my heart, pinky swear thought he’d like it. I have gone out in left field with gifts for Jon in years past and done very well. But alas, not this time. And now that I have some distance from the whole thing, I laugh about it too. WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!

Jon himself was as kind as he could be in his own recounting of how I got this particular Christmas gift so terribly, awfully wrong. But I did. Total misfire.

Oh well, Jon ended up getting a replacement gift that he loved, and guess what? “Ethel,” as the tri-wheeler is affectionately known around our house, actually does get ridden quite a bit – to the park, grocery store, etc. Yes, I am the person who does the great majority of the Ethel-riding, and I love her to pieces. She’s fun and very practical. But sometimes other family members do take Ethel out for a spin – like today.

Early this afternoon, E decided to put Ethel to use, riding her over to the other end of our neighborhood to meet up with some friends at the park.  So he threw his football and catcher’s mitt into Ethel’s roomy basket, and off he pedaled.

Two or three hours later, he got back home, and bounced into the house to tell me that he’d figured out how to make riding dorky, tri-wheel Ethel a lot more hip and fun. I had no idea what he could possibly be referring to; I could hardly imagine any way that he could be doing any stunts or tricks on this massively heavy, one speed, three wheeled bike with a giant basket on the back.

But, uh, guess what? I was wrong! Leave it to E to turn Ethel into a stunt bike (or the closest thing to a stunt bike she’ll ever be).

I went outside and shot this little video of E riding Ethel… E-style. (You will note that even our neighbor Mr. Ricky looks impressed. Okay, well, at least he looks.)

[videopost src=’’]

Pretty cool, huh? After E showed me this trick, and then rode several times around the block like that to show me that it wasn’t a one-time fluke, I was determined to figure out how to do it myself. Suffice it to say that I have come to the conclusion that E has somehow learned to defy the laws of gravity in managing to get that HUGELY heavy and unbelievably stable three-wheeled bike up onto two wheels, and then just calmly pedal around the neighborhood that way. I simply couldn’t even BEGIN to figure out how to get Ethel to do that.

Oh well, I guess if I rode her E-style, all the groceries I carry in the back basket would spill out on the way home, and that’s no good…




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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