Video: Mom Tells Girl the Meaning of Virgin

If you’ve never had your kid ask the meaning of a word you hoped they’d never say . . . can I just say I’m a little jealous?

Usually it’s in the grocery store checkout lane where there are a ton of people watching, and they spot words like “menopause” or “make him shiver” on the cover of a women’s mag. Or worse … the middle of a crowded theater at a movie you didn’t realize was quite so over-their-heads and they shout so everyone can hear “what’s a condom?”

Which is why this video is one every parent can identify with . . . and laugh at.

Were you expecting the little bit at the end? Yes, sometimes we overreact when our kids come out with these words. Which is why I’ve started going in the exact opposite direction. When your kid asks what “cum” is . . . well, “it’s the opposite of go” dear. What’s sex? Um, “gender?”

Not everything HAS TO BE sexy or sex-oriented. And overreacting just makes the words that much more fun to say (hence the reason the F-word is just so f-ing useful).

It all depends on their age, of course – eventually they need the birds and the bees talk, and I’d like to think there are a few things I’ll teach my daughter BEFORE she hears them on the bus. But all in good time guys, all in good time. Because she still has virgin ears . . . just like our olive oil.

What words have popped out of your kids’ mouths and how did you respond?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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