Vintage Cereal Boxes vs. Modern Day Designs: Evolution of Cereal Box Images

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Cereal boxes, then and now

Like most products that have been around for ages, cereal box designs have gone through an evolution, with some hardly recognizable when compared to their vintage counterparts.

Some products have brought back their old timey retro packaging, like Doritos and Pepsi “Throwback.”

Cereal boxes have been known to revisit their packages from simpler times, with Cheerios, Trix, Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch showcasing their retro designs in recent years.

Cereal boxes have gotten flashier in their design elements, including characters who “pop” from the artwork, as well as other interesting elements such as the product logos and removal of references to sugar in the current day editions.

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  • Trix, 1950s vs. Current 1 of 5
    Trix, 1950s vs. Current
    The Trix rabbit sure got crazier looking around the eyes, didn't he?
    Photo Source: Retronaut
  • Lucky Charms, 1963 vs. Current 2 of 5
    Lucky Charms, 1963 vs. Current
    The cereal somehow seems more magical now, with the promise of "New BIGGER marshmallows."
    Photo Source: Retronaut
  • Frosted Flakes, 1956 vs. Current 3 of 5
    Frosted Flakes, 1956 vs. Current
    Tony the Tiger bulked up, but the mention of "Sugar" was removed from the product name.
    Photo Source: Retronaut
  • Corn Flakes, 1952 vs. Current 4 of 5
    Corn Flakes, 1952 vs. Current
    The focus of Kellogg's Corn Flakes use to actually be on ... you guessed it... corn.
    Photo Source: Retronaut
  • Cheerios, 1946 vs. Current 5 of 5
    Cheerios, 1946 vs. Current
    Cheerios is all about heart health these days, with no flashy artwork or characters.
    Photo Source: Retronaut

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