Vintage Style: Dapper Day Fashions at Disney Parks (Photos)

If you happened to attend Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World on February 24, 2013 you may have noticed something a little different. You may have felt like you took a time machine back to a period where guests dressed up in their Sunday best to visit a Disney Park: where ladies wore heels, gentlemen wore suits and even children had their suspenders on. No, you weren’t in the twilight zone you were lucky enough to have been a part of Dapper Day.

What’s Dapper Day? The creators have this to say about it: “Started spring of 2011, DAPPER DAY organizes fashionable gatherings at The Disney Resorts in LA, Orlando, and Paris: a spring, all-day event, and a fall “evening affair.” Dapper Day events are not actually associated with The Walt Disney Company, they are independently organized and arranged by a third party.

To be dapper, by definition, means to be very stylish in dress. Spiffy, elegant, well-groomed, dashing. Like many photos documented in the golden days of Disneyland, there are families walking around the parks dressed to the nines. Dapper Day celebrates and pays tribute to that era. When I told my daughter that we were going to dress up, she ran to her closet and picked out her most sparkly ensemble. We kept calling it “fancy day” at Disneyland. Never mind that it was a little bit chilly; she wore her pants underneath the gown and added some very elegant white Tinker Bell gloves. Oh to be 5 again! It was really fun to dress up and attend this special occasion, even my husband wore a debonair hat. It was even more special to people watch and see how so many went all out. From the styles mirroring Mad Men, to fashions from the 1920s-1960s. All were welcome and unique. There were also a lot of Disney characters inspired by Disney Bound. Everyone seemed to take pride in the way they looked and that carried over to the whole vibe in the park. All ages from toddlers to the elderly were dressed snappily. We’ve never seen so many bow ties before. Polka dots were probably the most popular pattern we “spotted.”  There were all kinds of hats and lace-trimmed headpieces. We even saw some saddle shoes, remember those? It was our first Dapper Day and something that all Disney fans should experience at least once.

We wanted to showcase some of our favorite photos to really give you a sense of how lovely the day was, so we turned to Instagram. The next Dapper Day is coming to the Disney Parks (including Disneyland Paris) in Fall 2013. Date to be announced later this year. You should definitely consider attending.


  • Dapper Day Spring 2013 1 of 25
    Dapper Day Spring 2013
    It was a day that vintage fashion collided with Disney fans of all ages! We took a journey back in time to celebrate Dapper Day at Disney Parks.
  • Dapper Day Spring 2013 2 of 25
    Dapper Day Spring 2013
    On February 24, 2013 Disney fans came to the parks looking more dashing than usual. It was Dapper Day! What a great day to experience a different kind of magic.
  • The Princess Awaits her Carriage 3 of 25
    The Princess Awaits her Carriage
    "The first ride of the day is always the tram. My daughter all dressed up for "fancy day" as she calls it, gets ready to board the Disneyland Resort Tram." ` @DisneySisters
  • Saddle Shoes 4 of 25
    Saddle Shoes
    "The first person I saw as I walked into the park had these saddle shoes on. I stopped and immediately asked if I could take a picture of the guest's feet. She was happy to oblige. And I got my favorite shot of the day!" ~ @DisneySisters
  • Top Hat and a Cane 5 of 25
    Top Hat and a Cane
    "I was just loving the different fashion statements that people were making on Dapper Day. I couldn't help but to take photos of Dapper folks while walking around Disneyland." ~ @DisneySisters
  • Love at Starbucks 6 of 25
    Love at Starbucks
    Gavin on Instagram: @disneygoggles "I went straight into the parks after getting off work, (I'm a Disney Lifeguard for the hotels) and just happened to walk into the Starbucks in California Adventure just as these two sat down. I immediately knew I had to get a shot so I asked them if it would be alright and I snagged the picture! I loved it right away and I can't wait for next Dapper Day. I celebrated at Disney California Adventure Park with 4 friends! @djaeoutlaw @matthewdowling @Soler_jon and @mikeveee"
  • Put Up Your Dukes 7 of 25
    Put Up Your Dukes
    Jessee on Instagram: @Jessee_Buck These two "tough guys" were spotted in Disney California Adventure. I think they were "discussing" who looks more Dapper. We're just glad someone captured this adorable moment that takes us back in time."
  • It’s a Dapper World After All 8 of 25
    It's a Dapper World After All
    Sara on Instagram: @thatprincessgirl "This was my second Dapper Day. Spent the afternoon taking photos with a friend who I met at the fall event. We rode most of the rides in Disneyland, bumped into friends, and ended the night at Mad T Party."
  • A Family Affair 9 of 25
    A Family Affair
    Najja on Instagram: @an_eye4style and @naim_a "This is our second year celebrating Dapper Day and we like to visit both parks since we're annual passholders. Celebrating the Dapper Day theme seemed especially fitting at California Adventure since the new remodel and the addition of Buena Vista Street!"
  • Girl’s Day Out 10 of 25
    Girl's Day Out
    Staci on Instagram: @Stacidear Celebrated at Walt Disney World. "Dapper Day was a great experience! This was my first one, and all these ladies are my new friends! It's a great way to meet new people, and look fabulous doing it!"
  • Past to Present 11 of 25
    Past to Present
    April on Instagram: @VampirePinup "I celebrated Dapper Day in Anaheim California. This is my 3rd Dapper Day celebration and I must say that Dapper Day Spring 2013 was divinely dapper."
  • Dapper Day Tie 12 of 25
    Dapper Day Tie
    Joe on Instagram: @joe_beezy "This picture was taken at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Normally, I'd be celebrating in Disneyland (I'm a CA native), but I'm currently a cast member out here! I'll be back to the Happiest Place on Earth soon enough! My #dapperday experience was a very elegant and dashing affair filled with bow ties, pearls, and very fancy hairstyles. The best part was being a part of the first "event" when the Dapper Day participants all rode on the Liberty Belle - a grand outing indeed!"
  • Beauties on Buena Vista Street 13 of 25
    Beauties on Buena Vista Street
    Rochelle on Instagram: @Piratelle "One of the best dapper days so far, the atmosphere of buena vista street is probably the most exciting part. My friend Carly and I have made Dapper Day a tradition - and all the wonderful people that come with it."
  • Getting Made Up 14 of 25
    Getting Made Up
    Kaitlyn on Instagram: @_hellkat_ "Dapper Day was by far one of the most friendly events I've ever attended. Everyone was in good spirits, and the outfits were to die for. i can'twait for the next one!"
  • Dapper Trooper 15 of 25
    Dapper Trooper
    Rachel on Instagram: @Gibas101 "Dapper Day was more fun than Halloween. It's exciting to do some creative problem solving to assemble an outfit and even more so to see what other Dappers invented. It was a spectacle of creative synergy, and I can't wait to do it again! I would like to clarify that the gentleman to the right of the Stormtrooper has put his hat on him. The Stormtrooper was not a Guest but a character."
  • It’s Dapper Day? You Don’t Say! 16 of 25
    It's Dapper Day? You Don't Say!
    Jenny Rae on Instagram: @lilraecakes "I always dress 60s for Dapper Day. I wanted to attempt making a muumuu dapper this time around and I think I did a swell job."
  • Going Down the Bayou 17 of 25
    Going Down the Bayou
    Jessica on Instagram: @Jessicats220 "It was like we stepped into another era. Vintage fashion and Disneyland are two of my favourite things, so combined, it was perfect, made it all the more magical!"
  • Bon Voyage 18 of 25
    Bon Voyage
    Jelli on Instagram: @mustardandplum "My Dapper Day experience was beyond amazing! It was on my birthday, so it was extra special. What was even better was that I actually missed the first meet-up at the Liberty Bell Steam Boat because there was a parade going on and I couldn't cross the street to the steam boat, but when I got there the boat was actually returning with all the dapper people on it. It looked like something out of a movie! Well, because it was my birthday, I had a birthday pin on that was given to me at the entrance. So, as the boat was getting closer to the dock everyone on that boat started singing "Happy Birthday" to me. It was so beautiful and heartwarming! I felt so special, I even cried! I will never forget this Dapper Day forever and ever!"
  • Dapper Derby 19 of 25
    Dapper Derby
    Grecia on Instagram: @greciaelisa "This picture was taken in Disneyland at King Arthur's Carousel in fantasyland. Dappy day was an awesome experience and a great opportunity to meet new ppl in the park at fun meet ups. For me it was an opportunity to play dress up and be girly... I didn't know I had it in me."
  • Making Timeless Memories 20 of 25
    Making Timeless Memories
    Amanda on Instagram: @amandamatley "Our dapper day experience was absolutely incredible. This was our second time and there were even more dappers than the last time! There is nothing more magical than Disneyland in dapper clothing. We had a blast!"
  • Meet the Dappersons 21 of 25
    Meet the Dappersons
    Neil on Instagram: @neillwithoutyou & Ashley on Instagram: @torchestogether_"Every trip to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure is like Dapper Day for us! We love strolling the through both parks in style, so its a real treat for us to see others donning their best for this stellar event. We enjoy reviving a part of Disneyland's history and hope that as Dapper Day grows, it will continue to encourage avid Disney goers to experience the happiest place on earth dressed to impress."
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss 22 of 25
    A Kiss is Just a Kiss
    Noelle on Instagram: @nollierhae "I celebrated DD at both parks, disneyland and California adventure. I absolutely loved it! it was amazing to see everyone dressed up in their finest dapper outfits. I'd definitely come again next year."
  • Dapper is… a Man in Uniform 23 of 25
    Dapper is... a Man in Uniform
    Andrew on Instagram: @ShortTrooper "Dapper Day sure was swell this year! I enjoyed seeing the large amount of people that participated! Everyone was so cordial and pleasant, I wish life could be like that everyday!"
  • Salute to Dapper Day 24 of 25
    Salute to Dapper Day
    Ashley on Instagram: @AshleyHug "This year was the first time I had heard of Dapper Day and we had the greatest time! It was so fun to see all the thought and care people put into their outfits, and it was amazing to see how many people actually came out for the event!"
  • His and Hers: Mr. and Mrs. Dapper 25 of 25
    His and Hers: Mr. and Mrs. Dapper
    Cherise on Instagram: @cherises_pieces "Dapper Day was amazing! We celebrated at Disneyland and California Adventure. Dressing up in your dapper gear in a place that lets you escape's the perfect combo!"


For more info visit Dapper Day on their site

Dapper Day Facebook Page

Dapper Day Twitter Account

And Search the hashtag #DapperDay on Instagram.


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