Viral Video: Mash-Up of Star Wars and Schoolhouse Rock Is Nerd Heaven

Viral Videos: Mash-Ups of Star Wars and Schoolhouse Rock Are Nerd Heaven (video, via Babble)Who’s ready for a little trip down memory lane? A slightly weird and off-kilter trip down memory lane, but a trip nonetheless.

Two new mash-up videos by OneMinuteGalactica combine footage from Star Wars with the music of Schoolhouse Rock. In case you’re too young to remember Schoolhouse Rock, it’s pretty much the reason anyone my age knows what an adverb is, how to multiply, or how a bill becomes a law.

Of the two, my favorite is the one using the song “Unpack Your Adjectives,” primarily because it introduces us to words like “moonish,”  “spacestationy,” and “shoot firsty.”

This one of “Interjections” is almost as good. The problem with this one is that unfortunately, the very last interjection used is the f-word (with the “u” blanked out), making me not want to share the fun with my kids. Boo. On the other hand: still funny for us grown-ups, so including it here anyway. (Alternative: stop the video at 2:17 if you want to show the kiddos.)

Let’s hope OneMinuteGalactica comes up with a way to mash Star Wars into Schoolhouse Rock’s multiplication rock songs, too. Personally I’d like to see one of “Three Is a Magic Number” featuring Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Count Dooku.

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