Dad’s Song to His “Beautiful Girl” Stops Her Tears, Starts Ours (VIDEO)

Parents singing to their kids is no big whoop. Most of us do it, and some of us even make up silly songs in an effort to entertain, amuse, and otherwise distract an often-tough crowd.

Tyrone Wells is one of those parents who sings frequently to his daughter. Of course, he’s actually a singer/songwriter, so you’d assume that what he sings is better than the vast majority of his parental peers. And, you’d be right.

When his little girl, Aria, was really little, the only thing that would stop her tears was her dad singing one of his original songs, “Beautiful Girl, Beautiful World.” According to the Deseret News, Wells has had two No. 1 albums on iTunes, but when you watch the video of him singing the blues out of Aria, there’s no doubt who is No. 1 fan is.

If you’ve ever parented a baby, you know that there are just times when it is utterly impossible to get them to stop crying. Some force beyond your control takes over their temper and the only thing that stops the waterworks is time, and their own desire to turn it off.

However, in Aria’s case, just when it seems like she won’t stop crying, she really hears her dad, and not only does she stop crying, but the look on her face is of pure admiration and delight.

Evoking that kind of a reaction is a gift, for sure. Take a look:

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video credit: Tyrone Wells Official/YouTube


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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