Visit Disneyland Right Now! You Can with the Disneyland Explorer App

The Disneyland Explorer app is not really a game app, it’s more like a very entertaining, interactive guide. It’s great for kids who’ve been to Disneyland, because it lets them explore parts of the park they’ve yet to see, while serving as a sort of engaging memory book for the parts they have. Plus, it includes all kinds of fun things like cartoon shorts, video clips, mini-games, music, and other activities.

And what about kids who haven’t had the chance to visit Disneyland, yet? It’s great for them, too, as it introduces them to the resort and the many wonderful things it has to offer.

Oh, and one more thing, it plays great music throughout, one of my favorite features.  For a sneak peek of the Disneyland Park features of the app, just look below. If you would like to see the Disney California Adventure Park, Hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and Downtown Disney District features of the app, you can find them here.

  • It’s a Smaller World 1 of 25
    It's a Smaller World
    The Disneyland Explorer app is the next best thing to being there. It features all kinds of surprises from the Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, the Hotels at the Disneyland Resort, and the Downtown Disney District.
  • Main Street, USA 2 of 25
    Main Street, USA
    Meander down Main Street and listen to the Disneyland Band.
  • Fairy Friends 3 of 25
    Fairy Friends
    Meet magical characters in Pixie Hollow.
  • Music and Dancing 4 of 25
    Music and Dancing
    Just wind up the gears and watch the children of "It's a Small World" dance and sing!
  • All Aboard! 5 of 25
    All Aboard!
    Take a safari on the Jungle Cruise.
  • Enter If You Dare 6 of 25
    Enter If You Dare
    Click on red "watch" buttons to see video shorts...
  • Indiana Jones 7 of 25
    Indiana Jones this vintage Indiana Jones news reel.
  • Play Haunted Music 8 of 25
    Play Haunted Music
    Try to match the mysterious melody on the Haunted House's organ.
  • Yo Ho, Yo Ho 9 of 25
    Yo Ho, Yo Ho
    Navigate through the park and check out your favorite attractions, like the Pirates of the Caribbean. Click to discover more, maybe even a surprise or two...
  • Ready, Aim… 10 of 25
    Ready, Aim... this game. Fire the canon to sink ships.
  • Direct HIt! 11 of 25
    Direct HIt!
    The Pirates of the Caribbean strike again.
  • Arabian Palace 12 of 25
    Arabian Palace
    See photos from around the park, like this one from the Storybook Land Canal in Fantasyland.
  • Vintage Film of Walt Disney Himself 13 of 25
    Vintage Film of Walt Disney Himself
    See vintage footage of historical moments from the history of Disneyland.
  • Winnie the Pooh and Friends 14 of 25
    Winnie the Pooh and Friends
    Take a glimpse inside favorite attractions.
  • Mickey’s House in Toontown 15 of 25
    Mickey's House in Toontown
    Explore Mickey's house. The pictures over Mickey's hearth become cartoon shorts when clicked...
  • Goofy Cartoon Short 16 of 25
    Goofy Cartoon Short this one featuring Goofy!
  • Search for the Yeti 17 of 25
    Search for the Yeti
    Be an intrepid explorer and nature photographer with camera-ready binoculars, then snap a photo of the elusive Yeti on the Matterhorn!
  • Dive! Dive! 18 of 25
    Dive! Dive!
    Dive in for a glimpse of Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage.
  • Partners 19 of 25
    Scout out special landmarks from around the park like this statue of Walt Disney and Mickey.
  • Look out! 20 of 25
    Look out!
    This scene is from Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin in Mickey's Toontown.
  • Pineapple Whip! 21 of 25
    Pineapple Whip!
    A favorite Disney treat from the Tiki Juice Bar.
  • Runaway Train! 22 of 25
    Runaway Train!
    See Mickey, Minnie and friends hold on for their lives on the U.B. Daring, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Stroke, stroke! 23 of 25
    Stroke, stroke!
    See canoes from the early American frontier!
  • Ooo! Ah! Oh! 24 of 25
    Ooo! Ah! Oh!
    Create your own fireworks show over Disneyland!
  • See Disneyland From Anywhere in the World 25 of 25
    See Disneyland From Anywhere in the World
    You can get the Disney Explorer App for iPhone and iPad for free <a href= "" here. And see more of the <a href="" Disney California Adventure, Hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and Downtown Disney District features of the app here.

Remember: If you’d like to see the Disney California Adventure Park, Hotels at the Disneyland Resort, and Downtown Disney District features of the app, just click here.


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