“Wake Me Up When I’m Skinny” T-Shirt Is Not Worth Getting Your Panties in a Bunch Over

Wake Me Up When I'm Skinny
Relax, people. The shirt is funny.

The other day I saw a woman I know who is pregnant with her first child. According to her, next month cannot come soon month because that’s when she’s due to give birth.

“Oh, it’s easier when they’re in then when they’re out,” I said to her. “Don’t be in too much of a hurry for the pregnancy to end.”

“I just want my body back,” she said.

I’d guess that many women who’ve been pregnant know how that feels. There just comes a point when the magical mystery of pregnancy turns into a harsh haul that seems as if it’ll never end. And then you realize that after you give birth, it’s not better instantly. You’ve got sleepless nights, endless days and this little creature who needs you for everything and then some. Oh, yeah, and unlike Gisele Bündchen, you won’t look like you only drank an extra glass of flavored water immediately after giving birth. You’re going to have to earn back any semblance of your pre-pregnancy body.

That’s why I find maternity retailer A Pea in the Pod‘s new “Wake Me When I’m Skinny” t-shirts pretty funny. Same goes for their “I Miss My Waist” and “No Sushi. No Martini. No Latte.” t-shirts. The shirts are reminders to yourself and everyone that while you may have lost your ability to have control over your own body, you have not lost your sense of humor.

Not surprisingly, there are those not as amused as I am. That includes Jezebel’s Rebecca Rose, who writes, “There are lots of things pregnant women need while they are waiting to birth their offspring. I doubt one of them is a shirt that reinforces the idea that there is something wrong with their bodies during pregnancy.”

To which I say, easy, killer. It’s a joke. I am so the first person to call out fat shaming. Really, humiliate a fat woman and I’m coming for you. This t-shirt? So not worth getting your panties in a bunch over. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. If you do like it, then it’s not insulting to anyone but yourself, and only if you decide to see it that way.

Pregnant women can’t eat sushi or drink lattes or martinis. They do lose their waists. Many of them don’t feel skinny when they’re housing a living, growing thing in their uterus. Some actually wish they could just wake up when they’re skinny. There are so many other worthy things to be offended by. Take Target, who used a skinny pregnant model to show off some non-maternity plus-size clothes. Or Photoshopping a thigh gap into jeans for plus-size women like Old Navy did? Ick. This Pea in the Pod t-shirt? Not in the same league. Not even the same sport.

Save your indignation for something that merits it. Like sugar-free popsicles or the fact that it’ll be at least another six months until the next season of Downton Abbey. The “Wake Me Up When I’m Skinny” T-shirt, though? Wear it and laugh, or don’t and move on.

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