Mom Bloggers Roll Eyes at the Wall Street Journal

insulting-mom-biz-graphicI know, we shouldn’t be surprised when an old-school main stream media publication once again manages to insult moms in general, and moms that blog in particular.

I’m also the first one to admit that, indeed, I enjoy a good business trip (and that includes blogging conferences, which are, in fact, business trips) as a way to break from family obligations as do most men that travel for work,  of course. I’m also freely willing to admit by so wildly diminishing one of my dearest friends, the amazing Katherine Stone of Post Partum Progress, I’m in total ass kicking mode.

But still, this article is a hot f**king mess of bullsh*t. Forgive me, Babble, for swearing.

It’s clear from the very first line of the piece that Katherine is being used as a sort of sacrificial lamb to the frivolous nature of this article:

Katherine Stone, a 43-year-old mother and wife from Atlanta, wants to leave her husband and children.

But it only gets worse from there.

She and other mothers who work from home —bloggers, interior decorators, crafters and the like—rarely get to travel alone to escape the daily grind. Event planners, networking organizations, travel agents and consumer-goods marketers are targeting these women by sponsoring conferences and conventions. They have figured out a simple way to make them happy: Give them a reason to go on a business trip.

Did it never occur to the writer and editors of this piece (and, yes, I see the sticky click-starved fingers of the editors all over this piece) that, possibly, women go to business conferences to do business? Just like men do?

No. Because we are poor, poor mommies trapped in our houses while our much smarter and more accomplished husbands do all the biz travel! We are so maligned and lonely with our housecleaning and bon bons, we need some savvy event planners to take us away!

*head repeatedly hitting desk*

Look. I’ve gotten my last fifteen really great clients (including Babble) from the connections I’ve made at business conferences about blogging. I travel many times a year while my husband parents our daughter alone. While I won’t deny that there are some women at blogging conferences that are hobbyists enjoying some time away, those same women are usually at the conferences to learn about professionalizing their work.

The worst thing about the article, however, is that my friend Katherine felt the need to apologize.

I apologize to all the women who feel minimized and condescended to by the piece, in particular the graphics that accompany it. I know we all don’t lay around in our hotel rooms on the ground gorging ourselves on crap. In fact I’ve racked my brain to think if I’ve ever laid on the floor of a hotel room for any reason, and I can’t come up with a single instance.

Katherine is one of the smartest women I know. She founded the largest community of support for women sufferening from postpartum depression. She’s dedicated her life to advocacy and fighting for women to get the help they need.

So, Wall Street Journal? You deserve the wrath of the mom blogging community. Enjoy.


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