Walmart Stops Selling Toddler Naughty Leopard Costume

iStock_000010686161XSmallUnder the words “Leopardgate ’13,” the headline on a Consumerist article states, “Walmart Pulls “Naughty Leopard” Costume From Shelves, Will Research What Leopards Look Like.”

And thank goodness, for two specific reasons.

Walmart came under fire for selling a toddler costume called the “Naughty Leopard.” And while the image on the package was of a beaming little girl wearing an outfit that looked like a mash-up of a witch, a black cat, and Prince, it was not what one would call “naughty.” It seems as if the producers of the product just got lazy and slapped on the “naughty” text out of habit, since their factories also churn out outfits like the Naughty Nurse, Naughty Traffic Officer, and Naughty Little Red Riding Hood.  There really isn’t anything “naughty” about this particular outfit. But still, that doesn’t forgive the really poor choice of words on the packaging.

But that wasn’t the only issue. The outfit looked nothing like a leopard — naughty, nice, or otherwise. So there’s that.

And this week, after pressure from the public and the national attention it garnered, Walmart has stopped selling the Naughty Leopard outfit to toddlers. “It was never our intention to offend anyone and we apologize to any customers who may have been offended by the name of the costume,” a Walmart spokesperson told KATU. And maybe they’ll also work on trying to have the title actually reflect the animal or icon it is supposed to represent?

Do you find anything wrong with an outfit for kids being called “naughty”?

Photo Source: istockphoto

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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