The Note We All Wish We Could Leave Our Kids

sleep inI should really take a cue from the parents who left this note for their kids with a warning not to wake them up.

I admit, I overparent. My daughter is 5 years old, and I still dress her every morning. Underwear, socks, pants, and shirt.

She can do it herself, but I do it most of the time, because it’s easier. I do her hair, too.  I also end up cleaning up most of the toys, because it’s such a hassle to harass the kids for two hours to do it.

I know, I need to back off and let her do some things for herself. When I was 5, I got up, got my own breakfast, dressed myself, and walked to kindergarten. True story.

I’m desperately trying to force myself to let her do more things on her own, which is why I was so inspired by the note two sleep-deprived parents in Washington decided to leave their children one morning.

Samantha Manville tells Yahoo she and her husband found themselves awake one Friday night at 2 a.m. Well aware that their kids, Alexia, 10 and Liam, 8, like to wake up at 7 a.m., the couple decided to leave them a note warning them “do not knock and wake up before 10 a.m. unless there is a real EMERGENCY!”

The couple then listed answers to everything the kids might knock on the door to ask. The note reads:

“To answer your questions:

– You can have cereal for breakfast

– Yes, you can watch TV / play Wii

– No, you may not go to your friends’ house

– No, you cannot have a baggie of snacks from the pantry, those are for lunches (yes, I mean those ones)

– You can have an orange for a snack. That means one (1) each!

Alexia — don’t antagonize your brother.

Liam — don’t be a whiner … or at least not 2 loud [sic] one.

We Love you!”

You’re dying to know if it worked, aren’t you? It did! Manville says they made it until 10:06 a.m. without being disturbed by the kids.

Parents for the win!

What do you think? How old are your kids, and could you get away with a similar stunt?

Image: Samantha Manville

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