We Dream the Same Dreams: Twin Photography Project

What is it about identical twins that captures our fascination?

For me, a sisterless child, it’s the wonder of what it would be like to have someone so close to you: in utero, in physiology, in life.

Some twins spend their lives battling their identical identity while others seem to celebrate it by dressing alike, walking alike, talking alike, and spending most of their time together.

Such is the case with Erna and Hrefna, a set of identical twins from Iceland. That’s where they were discovered by Ariko Inaoka, a photographer born in Kyoto, Japan. Inaoka met the twins when they were 9 years old and plans on taking their portraits every year until they turn 16. “My intention for this project is to capture the very precious period of their growth from child to teenager, physically as well as physiologically.”

Inaoka’s photos of the girls are ethereal, almost as if she’s captured ghosts or fairies in action. The photographer says the girls have a very intense bond. “I often hear that identical twins have telepathic connections between then. This is true with Erna and Hrefna. They are always together. They almost never fight each other. Spending time with them I feel such comfort in their companionship but at the same time I feel strange because I have never seen such a powerful connection between any two human beings. They say to me, ‘We dream same dreams sometimes.'”

Do you believe twins have a telepathic connection? After looking at these photos of Erna and Hrefna, it’s hard not to think something extrasensory is going on.

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    All photos used with permission from Ariko Inaoka, whose beautiful photography you can find on

  • Counterpart 2 of 10

    This image takes my breath away. To be so close with another human being would be amazing.

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  • Companion 3 of 10

    What a unique shot.

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  • Clone 4 of 10

    There is something almost ethereal about this set of twins, which only adds to the twin allure.

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  • Mirror 5 of 10

    Fraternal twins are genetically predisposed and the result of a woman releasing more than one egg at the same time. But identical twins are the result of a random split of a single egg and cannot be genetically predisposed.

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  • Double 6 of 10

    Okay, so this photo is a little "redrum" for me, but it's fascinating all the same.

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  • Mirror 7 of 10

    Come play with us, Danny..."It's true. Twins can be frightening. Maybe it's because we don't necessarily understand everything that's at play there. The unknown can be scary."

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  • Twosome 8 of 10

    Examining 3D ultrasound images, a study in Padova, Italy found fetuses start deliberately interacting at 14 weeks.

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  • Duality 9 of 10

    According to, almost half of twins invent their own language.

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  • Match 10 of 10

    Can you imagine having a mate for life? From conception to death? Stunning.

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