Wedding FAILS: 4 Minutes of Oops, There Goes the Bride! (Video)

wedding fails, bride falling
Oops! There goes the bride ...

I can’t think of a more stunning festive occasion than a wedding, can you? The beautiful dresses, men in tuxedos and suits, fresh flowers everywhere … all that color coordination! Weddings are a Type A personality’s dream. I’ve been to a lot of incredible weddings over the years, but the wedding I went to this weekend may have taken the cake. My cousin got married on a 150-acre farm in Northeast Tennessee. My daughter was precious as the flower girl, the food was amazing — and to top it all off, not only was there a PIE BAR, but the booze bar was serving Ole Smoky Moonshine! It was a true delight and went off completely without a hitch. (Well, except for the bride and groom, of course!)

Unfortunately for the couples in this video compilation, below, their weddings were not so flawless. I’m not a huge fan of laughing at people falling — unless I’m the one doing the falling, which happens more than I’d like to admit — but I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that since these videos were made public, everyone involved escaped unscathed and with a hilarious wedding memory attached:


Did anything ridiculous happen at your wedding? Are you able to laugh about it and enjoy the memory, or in hindsight do you think it was an omen? At my wedding, we couldn’t get the Unity Candle lit! If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is …

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