Weirdest, Craziest and Most Bizarre Hello Kitty Items Ever

hello kittyeWhen you think of Hello Kitty merchandise, what pops into your mind? Do you think of cute little stuffies? Do you think of itsy-bitsy erasers and pencil sets? Do you think of sweet little hair clips and hair bows? Those are the items that Hello Kitty is known for. But there is a whole plethora of far more wacky, crazy and bizarre Hello Kitty branded goodies out there, I’m talking about Hello Kitty lawnmowers, Hello Kitty sanitary napkins to even a Hello Kitty pop tarts. Yes, the possibilities of Hello Kitty branding seems to be endless. Check out these 14 totally odd Hello Kitty items right here. Which do you think is the weirdest?

  • Hello Kitty Kotex 1 of 14
    Hello Kitty Kotex
    Of course there would be Hello Kitty feminine hygiene products. Hello Kitty loves to keep fresh!
    Photo Source: Kitty Hell
  • Hello Kitty Pop Tarts 2 of 14
    Hello Kitty Pop Tarts
    You might wonder the flavor of a Hello Kitty pop tart might be, it is Meow-Berry of course.
    Photo Source:<a href=" eBay
  • Hello Kitty Toilet Paper 3 of 14
    Hello Kitty Toilet Paper
    When a plain white toilet paper just won't do, there is the Hello Kitty toilet paper.
    Photo Source:
  • Hello Kitty Men’s Briefs 4 of 14
    Hello Kitty Men's Briefs
    A man would need to be pretty confident (or kooky) to sport these Hello Kitty briefs.
    Photo Source: Men's Undergarments
  • Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner 5 of 14
    Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner
    Let the kitty do your cleaning with this cheery Hello Kitty vacuum cleaner.
    Photo Source:
  • Hello Kitty Face Masks 6 of 14
    Hello Kitty Face Masks
    Face it, a surgical mask never looks cute, well, unless you slap a Hello Kitty logo on it! Then it just screams "adorable!"
    Photo Source: Rakuten
  • Hello Kitty Pasties 7 of 14
    Hello Kitty Pasties
    For the stripper who has everything, there are the Hello Kitty pasties which you can pick up a pair from Etsy for $55.
    Photo Source: Etsy/Scarlett Noir
  • Hello Kitty G-String 8 of 14
    Hello Kitty G-String
    For a little sexy Hello Kitty undie action, there is the Hello Kitty G-string thong available from Etsy for just $7.99.
    Photo Source: Etsy/PMTreasureChest
  • Hello Kitty Lawnmower 9 of 14
    Hello Kitty Lawnmower
    Don't use just a normal boring lawnmower to trim your lawn, instead you totally need the Hello Kitty pretty pink lawnmower.
    Photo Source: Gizmodiva
  • Hello Kitty Electronics Cleaning Wipes 10 of 14
    Hello Kitty Electronics Cleaning Wipes
    So what makes the Hello Kitty Electronics Cleaning Wipes different than other electronic cleaning wipes? I have no idea.
    Photo Source: Amazon
  • Hello Kitty Duck Tape 11 of 14
    Hello Kitty Duck Tape
    We all love duck tape, yes it's true. And we all love Hello Kitty, so it's a great marriage between the two!
    Photo Source:
  • Hello Kitty Slow Cooker 12 of 14
    Hello Kitty Slow Cooker
    Does food taste better or does it taste just cuter when it is cooker in the Hello Kitty Slow Cooker. The answer has to be yes right?
    Photo Source: Amazon
  • Hello Kitty Condoms 13 of 14
    Hello Kitty Condoms
    For those who want safe sex via Hello Kitty, there is the collection of Hello Kitty condoms. Of course, there are Hello Kitty condoms, of course.
    Photo Source: Ali Express
  • Hello Kitty Retainer 14 of 14
    Hello Kitty Retainer
    It's a Hello Kitty that you can't even show off, it's the Hello Kitty retainer. But at least you'll know it's there.
    Photo Source: Kitty Hell

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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