We’re Going To Disneyland! Check Out These Must-share Disney Countdowns

I will be going to Disneyland soon and I usually I announce it on Facebook to kind of rub it in people’s faces.  Yes, when it comes to Disneyland, I have no shame.

Now there’s a way to do the face-rubbing even better!

Disneyland released brand new Disney countdowns to creatively tell your family and friends that you’ll be spending the day at the happiest place on earth! They range from 4 months all the way to the very day of your visit to the Disneyland Resort.

Take a look at some of my favorite countdowns. You can find the rest of the awesome countdowns on the Disneyland Facebook page.

  • Adorable Disneyland Countdowns! 1 of 5

    Disneyland tickets? Check! Good walking shoes? Check! Camera? Check!  Face rubbing on Facebook about going to Disneyland CHECK!

  • 4 months 2 of 5
    4 months until Disneyland

    Add a little spin to your announcements with this Teacups countdown to the Disneyland Resort!  This ride should be on your to-do list while at the park. It's one of my favorites. Do you know which land you can find the Mad Tea Party ride?

  • 2 months 3 of 5
    2 months until Disneyland

    No first-time visit to Disneyland would be complete if you don't get a Disneyland balloon! My favorite balloon is the classic Mickey Mouse balloon that lights up. Love!

  • 2 weeks 4 of 5
    2 weeks until Disneyland

    Just like this super cute Pluto countdown, you better get your tail waggin' and start preparing for your trip to Disneyland.  You only have 2 weeks left to prepare!

  • 5 days 5 of 5
    5 sleeps until Disneyland

    Don't forget to pack your autograph book! If you show up to take pictures with Donald Duck you should be prepared with your book for him to sign. The last thing you want to do is keep this guy waiting.  I hear he has a temper!


Photo Source: Disney Parks

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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