What 23 Bloggers WISH They Could Blog About

People often accuse bloggers of oversharing, but the truth is, there is much we DON’T say. Even me, the queen of too much information, has some limits. I don’t blog about my sex life, or fights with my husband, or how I really feel about having my mother living with us, or a million other things.

Most of us withhold for a couple of reasons; we don’t want to hurt someone, or we don’t feel like our blog is the appropriate place to share such things. Yes, we talk about protecting our “brands” and how we’ve chosen to have our blogs reflect just a sliver of who we really are and some folks just aren’t comfortable sharing stuff at a public level.

I sat down with a group of bloggers and asked them about what they wished they could blog about. I think you’ll find the answers surprising.

  • Anne, Not A Super Mom 1 of 23
    Anne, Not A Super Mom
    Anne says, "I wish I could write about my marriage on my blog. My husband is adorable, but very private. He's an introvert and very literal. He's a typical engineer, and that's great. But I'm trying to write with humor, which is very rarely literal. Humor is very...hand-wavey. I'll write something funny (at least I think so) and my husband will read it and then remind me how it really happened. I know how it happened! I'm just retelling it funnier. As a result I don't write much about our marriage. I think Jenny Lawson's Victor must be the best sport in the world. Would love to send him out for beers with my husband. Somebody needs to explain the spouse-of-blogger rules to my husband. Mostly, because I have a hilarious and mostly-true story about our annual Christmas fight.
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  • Bonnie, Crib Chronicles 2 of 23
    Bonnie, Crib Chronicles
    Bonnie says, "I write about my mother, bless her heart. She refuses to read, but if she did, I think (hope) she would not judge me unfair. I do not write about my father or my stepmother or the Jerry Springer-like mishaps that befall my adult half-siblings. I'd like to: I have nowhere else to process any of this wealth of melodrama. But I don't want everybody to stop talking to me. So I'm sitting on all of it, waiting to write my novel. ;)"
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  • Jacqui, Single Parent Retreat 3 of 23
    Jacqui, Single Parent Retreat
    Jacqui says, "I wish I could blog more about the reasons behind my divorce and the subsequent issues with my ex's wife. But, I can't because his family occasionally reads my blogs and I am too nice."
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  • Jessica, The B Keeps Us Honest 4 of 23
    Jessica, The B Keeps Us Honest
    Jessica says, "I really wish I could blog about my crazy, lazy brother-in-law. I know better than to bad mouth people online because it will always be found and no matter how much the complaints are warranted in the end I am the one that will be viewed as the jerk."
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  • Jessica, It’s My Life 5 of 23
    Jessica, It's My Life
    Jessica says, "I wish I could blog about the challenges of being a wife and caregiver to someone with an autoimmune disorder. But I can't because the husband in question reads my blog religiously and it would literally crush him with guilt and frankly he already feels enough of that when the disease robs him of the energy to be the dad and husband he wants to be. So I internalize and vent to my diary."
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  • Julia, Kidneys and Eyes 6 of 23
    Julia, Kidneys and Eyes
    Julia says, "Intimate details about my marriage and the husband would be the top of the list. Julian appreciates that I love blogging and have found a great space to work through a lot of feelings about parenting kids with special needs and growing as a woman who mothers challenging kids, but he doesn't want to be a focus. I'd love the cheap therapy that blogging would provide, but I have to settle for Dms, Facebook messages and emails. Just like the olden days."
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  • Kadi, Our Seven Seeds 7 of 23
    Kadi, Our Seven Seeds
    Kadi says, "The PTA moms who drive me insane with their Hitleresque notions that being In charge of fundraising somehow makes them ruler of the free world. Get a friggen hobby, ladies. Being a control freak is NOT helping our school and it sure as hell is not making you any friends."
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  • Katherine, Post Partum Progress 8 of 23
    Katherine, Post Partum Progress
    Katherine says, "Probably politics and religion. There are times when I'd love to weigh in on a political issue or write about my faith but I end up steering clear. This is because I don't want to impose my beliefs on others, and because I want to make sure that all women who come to my blog feel welcome and that the site is for them regardless of race, creed, politics, etc. I feel confident with that decision because I think it helps create an atmosphere of trust, but there are times when I'd love to really spout off about something political and I have to keep my lips zipped. Or my typing fingers zipped, as it were."
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  • Kelly, Centsible Life 9 of 23
    Kelly, Centsible Life
    Kelly says, "t's not a fit for my blog, but I would love to write more memoir style especially about marriage, family, and parenting."
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  • Lolli, Better In Bulk 10 of 23
    Lolli, Better In Bulk
    Lolli says, "I wish I could blog about our financial hardships. I have had to keep the struggles of the last several years quiet in respect for my husband. It sometimes makes me sad that nobody knows and I have to put a happy, calm face on for my readers. I would love to talk about how we've stayed sane, how we've stayed together, and how we've stayed generally happy despite the fact that we've been a day away from bankruptcy and foreclosure for years. I'd also love to write about how some days just plain suck. I hope to be able to write about it someday, when the crisis is past and it's not such a fresh, painful topic."
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  • Melissa, Married My Sugar Daddy 11 of 23
    Melissa, Married My Sugar Daddy
    Melissa says, "My kids are becoming increasingly fiercely protective of their privacy-- CAN YOU IMAGINE THE NERVE!"
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  • Casey, Moosh In Indy 12 of 23
    Casey, Moosh In Indy
    Casey says, "I swear like a #$*ing sailor in my head and it's really @#$*&ing funny. Bummer y'all have to miss out on this $&%@ because I'm really $*&%ing funny. Alas, I don't swear. (Out loud at least. Unless $&%^ gets real.)"
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  • Rajean, Rajean Blomquist Blog 13 of 23
    Rajean, Rajean Blomquist Blog
    Rajean says, "I feel rather good about not going into the niche field, allowing me carte blanche on blogging topics. However, I do wish I could write more expressively (read foul language, slightly vulgar thoughts - mostly to inject more humor) but I want to work with brands. And not the kind of brands that would likely be okay with that type of writing :-)"
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  • Robin, Simple Green Organic Happy 14 of 23
    Robin, Simple Green Organic Happy
    Robin says, "I wish I could blog about 1/1000th of the insane things my husband says or does, but I'm not allowed. He only very recently started letting me mention his very existence, and that was after our local newspaper ran a piece about me how I feed my "family of four." There's five of us. They didn't know about him."
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  • Melissa, Rock N Drool 15 of 23
    Melissa, Rock N Drool
    Melissa says, "I wish I could blog about my life. But due to familial circumstances, as in, the entire family reads my blog...I can't. I did it before on my old blog called Such Simple Pleasures. I had to take it down because I was causing too many problems within our family. But, I'm finding it to be harder and harder to blog because I don't have the freedom to say what I need to say anymore."
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  • Savannah, Chasing My Bees 16 of 23
    Savannah, Chasing My Bees
    Savannah says, "I wish I could write the occasional bad word without certain members of my husband's family clutching their pearls. I wish I could write about our sex life (or, sometimes, our lack thereof). I wish I could write about how sometimes I want everybody I know to go away. I wish I could write all of that and more without sounding (to some people) like a vulgar, tasteless, ungrateful wretch."
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  • Shana, Shanamama 17 of 23
    Shana, Shanamama
    Shana says, "I wish I could blog more about photography. Sure I share photos (a lot) but I would love to get into the more detailed aspects of it. My problem is I don't feel comfortable sharing what I know because I am still very much learning."
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  • Sharon, Not Your Mom Blog 18 of 23
    Sharon, Not Your Mom Blog
    Sharon says, "I wish I could post more about the personal details of my life that I keep hidden from everyone like the awkward situation that I live in with my ex and the weird (to me) stuff he talks about / asks me."
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  • Sherry, Super Exhausted 19 of 23
    Sherry, Super Exhausted
    Sherry says, "Talk about the bully my son has experienced but it is his story to tell not mine. I don't want to make things harder on him."
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  • Stacie, Divine Miss Mommy 20 of 23
    Stacie, Divine Miss Mommy
    Stacie says, "My slightly crazy mother and the even crazier PTA women at my kid's school. But they all read and subscribe to my blog. :("
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  • Tara, Feels Like Home 21 of 23
    Tara, Feels Like Home
    Tara says, "When I first started blogging, I shared my blog with everyone I knew. Now I wish I hadn't because I can't write about the truth of my life.
    I suffered some pretty intense emotional abuse as a kid. We were regularly told that our mother didn't want to have children. Our father wished he had never gotten married, and our mother told us about all of the affairs. My mother would often say to my sister and I, "I don't like either one of you! Just leave me alone!" It goes on and on, stupid, fat, lazy, worthless, all kinds of things that I wouldn't dream of saying to my own kids. And then there were the physical altercations. I am haunted by a very clear image of my dad dragging my older sister through the kitchen in a headlock.
    I wish I could share this kind of stuff on my blog because it shaped the life I have now. All those insults all those years have made me an extreme introvert, convinced that people I don't know won't like me. The sum total of my childhood made me the parent and the person I am today. I think about those things almost every day of my life.
    The problem is that I have a decent relationship with both of my parents now. We have never talked about all of that stuff, and we never will. Despite the past, there's no point in hurting them now by showing them how much they hurt me then. So I don't."
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  • Theresa, Rock On Mommies 22 of 23
    Theresa, Rock On Mommies
    Theresa says, "I wish I could blog more about Politics, Religion (or my lack of religion) and my MOM!! I wish I could actually blog about the horrible things my Mom did and said to me as a child, but to be honest, I would hate to hurt her feelings. She was mentally abused and she didn't know better."
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  • Elizabeth, Ed Vacation 23 of 23
    Elizabeth, Ed Vacation
    Elizabeth says, "Cursing. I would like a whole post to be about cursing and have every other word be curse words on days that I am stressed. But I can't because my audience would think I am crazy. Cursing and Cruises don't really go together in a niche. That is what I get for being a travel writer! :)"
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