What A 10 Year-Old Girl Wants Boys Around The World To Know

boys in the miniboden catalogHey, parents out there who are worried about gender stereotypes! The past few weeks have been rife with depressing news about the ways in which girls and boys are pigeonholed. But here’s something that might make you feel better for a change.  Mom Becky Sayers found this on her 10 year-old daughter’s bulletin board this morning. She said it was an “editorial” in response to those mini-interviews in the Mini Boden catalog. Here’s an excerpt from her rant,  published on Jezebel:

Dear Boys from around the World,

There is just one ting I have to say before I go on. STOP BEING SO STEREOTYPICAL! . The reason I have to let this is out of my system I am yet to tell you. So today I was reading a Mini Boden magazine ( some place in Sweden), and the magazine people asked questions to the kids who were modeling. The one question that ticked me off was this question:

“What is the biggest difference between Boys ( That means you Boys) and Girls?” Here are some answers that were in this “magazine”. Kian, age 6, “Girls Like dolls, and Boys don’t”. Oh okay I know what you’re thinking “Oh he’s just six!”. Well you better listen to this. Stefano, age 7, “Girls wear pink, and Boys wear blue and green.” Okay you’re probably thinking the same thing. “Oh he is just 7. Well here is another one. Aiden, 6, “Girls like nail polish; Boys like Soccer Balls.’ Yeah I know he is six too. But getting closer to the older ones. Asha, age 8, “Boys are rougher and stronger.” Yeah he’s eight. Not six, or seven. He’s eight. He’s got a brain. He’s smarter than six and seven yr olds. It’s kind of old to me, because I am turning 11 this year. Okay so now that I have listed those Boys’ opinions, I am going to list the reasons why I think they are stereotypical.

#1 Hey I’m a Girl, and I HATE dolls! I also hate Barbies, pink, my little ponies, and glitter is okay I guess. But I don’t love it like boys think all girls do. But that’s just my opinion. Well let me give you a quick lesson. Not all Girls like prissy stuff including me…Give it a ponder.

#2 Like I said I HATE pink. I despise it. HACK See I spat on it. That’s how much I hate pink. Hey guess what Stefano, age 7, I wear blue, green, orange, and white about everyday like every other kid in America ( and for this kid in Sweden). I like just about every other color in the rainbow. Except for Pink ( the color not the singer). and purple. So Stefano, I think you have learned an important fact that not all Girls like pink.

Okay, this is just about the greatest thing I have ever read, and I wish I could post the entire thing for you here. You should really go to Jezebel for the rest of it. And then you should read it to your daughters.

Also, Boden might want to take a note from J. Crew. Sometimes it’s okay for a boy to like pink. And nail polish.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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