What Age Should Your Child Have a Cell Phone?

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When should you buy your child a cell phone?

What age should your child be when you buy them a cell phone? While opinions vary, most look to the teenage years as most appropriate, but we decided to take the plunge when our son was just 10.

A little premature, maybe?

Yes, I’ll admit it seems a bit young, but we felt since he would be leaving elementary school and starting a different school across town, it might be a good idea to give him a phone in case he needed to get in touch with us.

We found out the first day of middle school just how valuable it was for him to have the phone, when a bus assignment mix up put him on a different bus home and, without phone contact, we would have otherwise never known about the bus issue or his delayed arrival home.

Thankfully, he texted my husband (and later me) to let us know about the bus situation. Later he called and talked to my husband on the cell phone so we could figure out what time he would be getting to the bus stop so we could meet him.

I’m not even sure if talking on a cell phone is allowed on the bus, but it got him through a bit of a scary moment and let us know about the change in plan as well.

What age would you buy your child a cell phone? Does he/she have one now… if so, how old are they? Do you have restrictions in place for phone usage?

We got a refurbished phone that was free and our son doesn’t use it for personal calls, nor does he text anyone but us. He calls only if there’s an emergency.

I think it’s worth it for the peace of mind alone.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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