What Celebrity Mags Might Look Like If They Scrutinized Male Bodies

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Can you imagine?

The genius gals over at The Frisky have created an amazing mock-up of what your typical celeb gossip rag might look like if the cover featured images scrutinizing men’s bodies instead of women’s. On this fake Star cover are Quentin Tarantino, Gerard Depardieu, Rob Kardashian and Gerard Butler being mocked for “letting themselves go.” This simple and blatant role-reversal speaks volumes about the ways women are so consistently objectified on the covers of these Hollywood-centric tabloids. I particularly love the way Channing Tatum is called out for having fake abs. Hahaha…

The Frisky wonders what life would be like if instead of “telling us who has the best and worst “beach bodies,” we might see covers on the most egregious beer bellies in Hollywood.” They go on to say, “Think about how weird it is that these magazines are targeted at women, and women are more or less the sole objects of these magazine’s bodily criticism and speculation.” Female-on-female scrutiny permeates the world of mommy culture, and even the most casual feminist recognizes that women are taught culturally to hate on and be jealous of one another from a very young age. We are meant to see each other as competition in the race to find a male prize. So what would happen if we started exposing men not only as objects, but objects unworthy of prize status? How would that change things?

Of course exposing anyone and everyone’s weakness is not the way to solve a problem, but it sure does make an excellent point, no?

To see a larger version of the image, visit The Frisky.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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