WHAT?! Cocaine Found on Most Public Baby Changing Tables

Changing a diaper or readying lines?

Okay so I could use a pick-me-up when dragging both kids around on errands as much as the next mom, but this a little much.

As reports, a study of more than 100 changing tables in shopping centers, hospitals, police stations, and churches found that more than 92% contained traces of cocaine.


I guess it make sense. The john is where a majority of folks seem to be doing their cocaining. But, c’mon, druggies! Have the common decency to crouch over a toilet and cut your lines on a pocket mirror like a respectable drug doer! Don’t besmirch the one area I choose to place my child’s delicate bum!

Officials say the results are “shocking” and may be indicative of the increase in cocaine abuse in the region. However, I read somewhere that money is also coated in cocaine so, as Jezebel says, it seems unlikely that the contamination is solely due to addicts doing lines off of Koala Kare changing stations.

Still, people. Use the mat from your diaper bag because in case it didn’t occur to you, those changing stations are pretty germy. I mean, it’s basically a poop station.  Hell, I’d prefer a little bit of cocaine to what else is probably lurking there waiting to attach itself to your child’s tender baby skins.

Also, I’m wondering if we’ll now see an increase of junkies snorting and rooting around bathroom changing stations for leftover cocaine dust…



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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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