What Happened to the Lunch Box?

Vintage Lunchboxes at the SmithsonianWired’s Dave Banks has a story over at GeekDad asking the immortal question:

Where Have All the Geeky Lunch Boxes Gone?

I hadn’t thought about it but I admit that I also have some nostalgia for the nerdy metal food boxes of yesteryear.

If memory serves, I had a Star Trek and a Spider Man lunchbox at some point in my childhood, although I could be making that up. I definitely had a less interesting black and red checked version, complete with a handy thermos.

My children don’t do lunchboxes. The oldest gets lunch at school, and my youngest brown bags it.

The Wired piece points out that lunchboxes do still exist. Our own Sunny Chanel wrote 7 Days of Lunchboxes over at Droolicious. So they’re not gone, exactly. But they definitely aren’t what they used to be. Most of what I’ve seen isn’t metal anymore, and the character-based designs are less popular.

What about your kids? Do they have lunchboxes? And what was your favorite portable food container when you were young?

A collection of vintage lunchboxes

Image: The Smithsonian, where you can find a whole lunchbox exhibit

Source: Wired

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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