What Happens When the Girls of 'Toddlers And Tiaras' Grow Up? Adults and Tiaras (Video)

If you just can’t seem to turn away from the train wreck that is TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras and frequently find yourself wondering exactly what type of long-term, permanent damage the constant pursuit of perfection fostered by the pageant industry will have on the innocent little girls that appear on the show, this video is for you.

Actually, this video is for anyone who likes to laugh until tears stream from their eyes, whether you’ll admit you draw the blinds and watch deranged stage moms exploit their tots for cubic zirconia-laden crowns or not.

Put together by the Katydids, a six member comedic group of Chicago women who, coincidentally, all have names that derive from the name Katherine, this video explores what will happen when these pageant princesses become adult women. It contains the phrase “choose your own adventure face” and it is arguably my favorite thing I’ve stumbled upon on the internet to date.

Empty your bladder first, then watch the video here:



Via DaisyJD


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